What is mobile marketing?

More than 2.5 billion people around the world use smartphones, including 95 percent of the U.S. population. Mobile marketing is the practice of connecting with customers and potential customers via mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Websites, social media, text messages, and apps are all used in mobile marketing.

How mobile marketing works

  1. The mobile web

    Organizations product "mobile-friendly" versions of their website that can be easily navigated with the browser on their mobile phone. Just as regular website are optimized for the user browsing on a desktop or laptop, mobile sites are optimized for mobile device users.

  2. Apps

    Companies offer branded apps that allow them to interact directly with consumers, offering deals or other incentives to purchase products. Apps also provide data on consumer purchasing habits that can be used for more effective marketing and sales planning. Social media apps force companies to more strategically incorporate social into their marketing strategies.

  3. Texting

    Certain market demographics such as Millennials are heavy users of text messaging. Marketing campaigns often have texting components that prompt the target market to take an action or take advantage of a deal.

Why mobile marketing matters

  1. Market size

    Smartphones connect people to the world. Companies that aren't employing mobile marketing strategies are essentially handing the market to their competition.

  2. Functionality

    Smartphones and tablets aren't your grandmother's devices. They're incredibly powerful tools that, if used with the right strategy, can build and deepen relationships with consumers and expand brands. Mobile technology is constantly evolving and companies need to always be learning about new features and trends.

  3. Campaigns

    Today's marketing campaigns are always on, 24/7. Companies can't afford to wait for a television or web ad to be seen; mobile gives them a direct and immediate path to consumers. Any marketing campaign needs to incorporate a mobile strategy to be successful.