What is a Mobile App?

A mobile app (short for application) is a software program dedicated to a mobile device such as a smart phone or tablet.

How Mobile Apps Work

  1. Where to find Mobile Apps

    You will generally find mobile apps on mobile devices as they are designed for smaller touch screens (as opposed to desktop or laptop computers).

  2. Operations

    Mobile Apps are designed to work on mobile devices because of mobile operating systems that work differently from desktop or laptop computers.

  3. Mobile App Evolution

    It used to be that mobile apps were just mobile versions of websites but now apps are much more unique in design and purpose.

Why Mobile Apps Matter

  1. Seemless Experience

    Mobile Apps work seamlessly with your mobile phone or tablet operating system, allowing the user to have a completely personalized experience. Tracking content, behavior and geography are just a few of the ways a mobile app can customize the user experience.

  2. Notifications

    Notifications are a huge part of the mobile experience. One can allow a mobile app to notify the user based on for example, location, breaking news or when contacted. Notifications lend to the personalized mobile app experience.

  3. Conversion

    Mobile Apps are known to have better conversion rates than websites because the experience is much more seamless and personal.