What is Mobile Advertising

A part of Mobile Marketing, Mobile Advertising is the development and execution of advertisements targeting mobile customers (smart phones and tablets).

How Mobile Advertising Works

  1. Knowing Your Audience

    Mobile Advertising is designed for people consuming content on mobile devices. This can come in a range from text messages, to interactive apps.

  2. Knowing Your Technology

    Mobile Advertising is not just converted from traditional online advertising. The user experience on a mobile device, depending on the interface and operating system, is quite different than any other technology and requires mobile design and strategy.

  3. Knowing Your Outcome

    Conversion on mobility can be a real high performer depending on your ad strategy. Using what mobility offers, such as online couponing, special offers and geo-targeting, all contribute to the success of mobile advertising.

Why Mobile Advertising Matters

  1. It's Hip

    If you want to be where the people are, you've got to get with Mobile Advertising. Mobile Ads are the future of advertising and require a unique dedicated strategy and design.

  2. Geo-targeting

    One of the greatest advantages to mobile advertising is knowing where your consumer is. If you have an advertisement for a store, you can notify your potential consumer of special offers when they are physically in range.

  3. The Playing Field

    As mentioned, mobile advertising covers a wide range of ad types based on the interface of the mobile device. You can post click through ads in apps or create your very own dedicated app. The playing field in mobile advertising is wide and growing.