What is Media Relations?

Media relations are simply the relationships between companies and the media. For journalists, media relations serve as a convenient way to get information about a company. For the company— a convenient way to secure news coverage. Learning how to develop and manage these relationships is critical on both ends.

What Do Media Relations Professionals Do?

  1. At agencies they work with the media to secure coverage for clients

    It may sound obvious, but part of the role of a media relations professional is to develop and manage media relationships. Strong relationships take time to build—but can mean the difference between positive coverage, negative coverage, and no coverage. It’s important to know how often to contact the media, how to speak to them, and what information will garner the most interest.

  2. They are responsible for coordinating interviews

    Apart from scheduling the interviews, media relation professionals are also responsible for setting boundaries around the relationship. When working for a PR agency, this can mean managing expectations for both the journalist and the client, preparing your client for an interview, and gathering relevant materials for the journalist before and after the interview was conducted

  3. Media Relations professionals need to be creative

    A company won’t always have a new product or news to share with the media. Here is where the media relations professional can get creative. By monitoring the news and knowing what is going on in the related industry, a media relations professional knows when to insert the client into the news, and what the appropriate message should be.

Why Media Relations Matter

  1. Positive media relationships are key in this industry

    It’s important to know how to deal with journalists and what kind of language they respond to. PR professionals need strong relationships with journalists to be successful in the long run. One key way to do this is to know what beats they cover and offer news that will matter to them.

  2. The media helps get the word out faster

    There’s no doubt that by working with the media a company can get its message or news out faster. The media takes information and breaks it down into something digestible. It also has the ability to distribute the content to a large audience. By working with the media, a PR professional can help their company get more visibility.

  3. It helps the PR professional become more well-founded

    The number of publications and beats are endless. By working with several different journalists, a media relations professional can quickly learn about different topicsm and have contacts across different fields. This roledex comes in handy when the media relations professional changes clients or companies.