What is a marketing manager

Marketing managers develop and execute marketing plans for organizations. They oversee all marketing activities, including brand development, advertising, direct mail, marketing campaigns, and online outreach and engagement. The marketing manager works closely with key leadership and the sales manager to coordinate strategies.

How marketing managers work

  1. Straight line to the c-suite

    Marketing managers are either part of the executive leadership team of an organization or report directly to it. They are informed of a company's business plan, revenue targets, and product offerings and develop marketing strategies that are in alignment with a company's strategic goals.

  2. Dotted line to sales

    Marketing managers work closely with sales teams that are in close touch with target markets. They create the platforms and tools that sales teams leverage to reach consumers. Dialogue between sales and marketing creates a seamless approach to product sales and delivery.

  3. How sales and marketing are different

    Marketing managers are charged with thinking about the big picture -- the landscape -- of the target market and developing the tools that define and expand a company's brand and that sales teams use for reaching the target market. Sales teams are charged with sealing the deals.

Why marketing managers matter

  1. They're big thinkers

    Companies need analytical skills to design the platforms that are used to reach consumers. Marketing managers can think about branding opportunities, advertising in particular, and focus on building and expanding the image a company presents to potential customers.

  2. Data crunchers

    A company without data is like a boat without water. Companies need data on target markets to develop marketing and sales strategies. Marketing departments look at sales data and other data sets to shape how they inform consumers about products and how best to make the sale.

  3. Distribution channels

    Companies need to identify the best channels through which to distribute their products. Those channels might be through a big box store or a convenience store, or a company website or Amazon.com (or both). Marketing managers and their teams think through the production distribution process.