What is a Marketing Major?

A Marketing Major is a degree in marketing where one is taught the fundamentals and practices of marketing.

How a Marketing Major Works

  1. Fundamentals

    Where's a great place to start? The beginning. A marketing major works by teaching and demonstrating the many definitions and applications of marketing.

  2. Degrees

    There are a number of different marketing majors and degrees one can obtain from an associates or bachelor's degree to the popular MBA (Masters in Business Administration).

  3. Core Courses

    Programs can differ but core courses for a marketing major usually include introductory and advanced courses in communications, finance, administration, research and consumer behavior.

Marketing Major Best Practices

  1. Do Your Homework

    When picking a major, one must seriously consider their future. Investing in a degree is costly and time consuming, make sure you have researched the courses you'll need to pick a degree.

  2. Getting In

    Now that you've picked a major, there are helpful services out there you might want to invest in that can help you write the GMAT and get into the school of your choosing.

  3. Using Your Time Wisely

    Different degrees can take different amounts of time to complete. Make sure you are dedicated and able to commit the time - whether online or in person - to complete a marketing degree.