What is a Marketing Funnel?

The Marketing “Funnel” is the various marketing stages a potential consumer goes through in the conversion of a prospect to a brand loyal. repeat customer.

How Marketing Funnels Work

  1. Funneling

    It actually works like a funnel. As you market your product/brand, you pour in a wide audience but only a percent of that audience become paying customers.

  2. Defining the Stages

    To have a strong marketing funnel is to have strategy and take action at each of the stages. Beginning at the awareness stage, the goal is to spark interest, which then creates commitment, which can result in a sale.

  3. Conversion - The Main Goal

    The stages of the funnel are aimed at moving potential customers from one phase to the next. From awareness to purchase, the main goal is conversion.

Marketing Funnel Best Practices

  1. Content

    The content is key. The most important part of your campaign is what makes the first impression. Don't overload your customers with large amounts of content. Zero in on your market and portray the information that is needed to get across.

  2. Solving A Problem

    People got problems... and they want solutions. If you're product solves a problem then you are much more likely to widen that funnel and move people through the marketing phases from awareness to sale.

  3. Flipping the Funnel

    Market to 1000, get 100 interested, make 10 sales. That's all well and fine but what if you went directly to the market segment that makes up those 10 sales? See more success by aiming your marketing funnel to the right market.