What is a marketing degree

A marketing degree is a communications degree with an understanding of business structures and processes baked into it. In addition to learning communications skills, marketing students gain an understanding of business finance, management, and economics.

How marketing degrees work

  1. Job path

    Marketing degrees generally lead to employment in the field of advertising, sales, branding, public relations, or creative fields such as design or writing. With companies staying focused on profits, many corporate CEOs have marketing degrees or marketing backgrounds.

  2. Business and management schools

    The top business and management schools in the country all have a focus, if not a specific degree, in marketing. Marketing is a critical and integrated function of any corporation and standard business practices aren't taught without it.

  3. It's in our DNA

    To some degree, everyone's a marketer, whether it's for an idea, a favorite food or tv show, or to convince the world their mom is the best. Studying marketing helps students understand and expand on a basic human instinct to sell.

Why marketing degrees matter

  1. The world is complex

    The world ain't what is used to be. With the evolution of the Internet and social, and mobile phones and apps, companies need marketing staff who understand the expanding landscape and can create marketing strategies across all available platforms. Knowledge learned in marketing programs means better prepared marketers.

  2. The c-suite track

    Many corporate executives come up through marketing and sales departments. There is a distinct advantage of having a CEO who has a keen understanding of the product sales and delivery process. A recent study in the UK found nearly half of CEOs had marketing backgrounds.

  3. It's the future

    It's the gig economy, which means entrepreneurs who understand how the business world works and how to bring a product or service to market will find more success. A marketing degree offers an overview of how marketing makes businesses tick. There may be no better preparation for someone with a startup dream.