What are Long Tail Keywords?

A three word or more SEO key phrase used to target specific audiences rather than mass demographics.

How Long Tail Keywords Work

  1. What are Long Tail Keywords?

    Long Tail Keywords take the keyword search game from generic to specific. They usually include one generic term followed by more specific terms (ex. dog costumes for halloween).

  2. How Long Tail Keywords Perform

    Basically, they perform better. They allow the potential consumer to find exactly what they are looking for while ensuring higher conversion rates and less competition.

  3. In Action

    You can see Long Tail Keywords work in action simply by going to Google Search. Start typing a word and see the long tail keywords that pop up once you (start to) enter in a simple keyword.

Why Long Term Keywords Matter

  1. Use 'Em or Lose 'Em

    If you haven't begun to consider using Long Tail Keywords as part of your SEO, start now. Audiences are looking to cut through the noise and Long Tail Keywords do exactly that.

  2. Beat Out the Competition

    You can count on your competitors using Long Tail Keywords so make sure you add as many as possible. See what comes up when you search your product and secure all related terms (ex. Dog Costumes for Halloween = Canine Dress Up for Holidays)

  3. Maximize the Conversion

    To maximize your conversion rates, make sure you provide a positive experience in your landing site. Include video, pictures, special offers, coupons, etc.