What is a Lead Nurturing Campaign?

A Lead Nurturing campaign is a strategy used to drive engagement and convert leads. This specific type of campaign is aimed toward a specific sector or prospect group. It is executed based on the behavior of the lead. In other words, the marketing or promotional material is supplied at the action of the potential consumer.

How Lead Nurturing Campaigns work

  1. 1. They're targeted

    Lead Nurturing Campaigns target a certain group of potential consumers. Generally, these consumers are people who have shown some sort of interest, whether that is a subscription or an advertising click. A large portion of these initial users aren't ready to buy immediately. The goal of a Lead Nurturing Campaign is to convert these somewhat interested people into actual consumers over a period of time.

  2. They're behavior driven

    Lead Nurturing Campaigns are carried out based on potential consumer's actions. With each additional display of interest, a new marketing email is sent. Here's an example. Let's say a potential consumer subscribes to a website. The initial email of the Lead Nurturing Campaign is sent, giving the user helpful information about the website. A week later, that same user listens to a free podcast on the website. From there, the campaign would send an email about related to other content, and instruction for how to use or buy. It's a patient campaign that is driven by behavior.

  3. The components make it strong

    Lead Nurturing Campaigns are effective because the string of emails is all related to a singular purpose. Each email is tailored to the consumer's behavior and their progress toward becoming a buying. Each email is a part of a larger goal, and brings them closer to becoming a buyer. One email alone is unable to reach the same familiarity and influence achieved by a Lead Nurturing Campaign.

Why Lead Nurturing Campaigns matter

  1. They drive brand engagement

    Lead Nurturing Campaigns play the long game. They keep would-be consumers interested in a company by providing behavior-driven material that is relevant to the consumer. Whether or not the consumer has bought anything yet, Lead Nurturing Campaigns still keep them engaged and active. This is one of the keys to eventually turning them into buyers.

  2. They earn trust

    Familiarity breeds trust. This is true in all aspects of life. You trust you're neighbor more than a stranger, even if you know nothing about them. It's because you've seen them bring home groceries, or walk their dog -- or because they are familiar. Same goes for marketing campaigns. Lead Nurturing Campaigns sent tailored emails and become a familiar staple in a user's inbox.

  3. They're easy to evaluate

    With Lead Nurturing Campaigns, it's pretty easy to tell which emails are performing well and which don't. Use this in your favor. What is it about certain emails that convince potential consumers to buy? Is it the design, writing, content suggestion, or something else? And what is it about poorly-performing emails that are falling flat? Tweak emails before you send them along, get better results, and learn some new things about campaign strategies.