What is Instagram marketing?

Instagram has more than 800 million users, 500 million of them active. People love photographs, and Instagram offers organizations a way to use photographs to market their products and services. It’s like Facebook or Twitter, only all about photos and videos.

How Instagram marketing works

  1. The right photos

    Like other social media platforms, Instagram provides an opportunity for companies to go viral. It starts with the right pictures or videos. Not necessarily the highest quality photographs or videos, but content that can catch the audiences attention. Organizations post pictures of products and customers using their products to generate interest.

  2. Igniting the fan base

    Instagram is all about followers and, for organizations, building relationships with followers based on credibility. Companies that are "photogenic" -- personal services, in particular, are heavy users of Instagram, or should be.

  3. It's international

    More than 75 percent of Instagram users live outside the United States, so companies that sell products or services globally or in other regions outside the United States have the opportunity to connect with a large international audience.

Why Instagram marketing matters

  1. Growth

    While the number of users on other social networks is flattening, Instagram continues to grow. Organizations need to take advantage of social platforms that are expanding their user bases.

  2. Interactions

    Users of Instagram engage with posts more than any other social network. A solid Instagram marketing plan can help an organizations expand its brand and deepen relationships with its brand enthusiasts. Engagement, which brings with it brand credibility, is the bread and butter of social.

  3. Youth

    Instagram users are young, 90 percent under the age of 35. It's the platform for Millennials, the place for organizations to go on social to reach a younger audience. Any long-term marketing strategy to engage Millennials must have Instagram in the mix.