What does Frequency mean?

Frequency is the number of times you reach a (potential or established) consumer with a communication.

How Frequency Works

  1. Frequency and Reach

    You can't have one without the other. Or at least, you shouldn't. Having reach (defined as the number of people you get in front of) without frequency (the number of times your reach gets the message) can be a waste of time and resources. While having frequency without reach, can seem a bit futile as well, however it's the better of the two since you could create promoters that can share your message with others.

  2. Frequency and Strategy

    It seems strange but when strategizing a campaign, frequency can be overlooked. Often it's the number of eyes that becomes the prize, while the number of times those eyes actually see the message is an afterthought. The power of frequency can make or break the effectiveness of a campaign, and lead to a successful or very undesirable retention rate.

  3. Frequency and Retention

    In today's flashy media, audiences are more likely to forget ads than remember them. That's where frequency plays a part. The more a person sees a message, the higher the chance of retention.

Frequency Best Practices

  1. Consider Frequency

    Casting a large net may catch fish, but will the fish remember your name? Probably not. They're fish. Reach and Frequency both cost money, so make sure you consider both when investing in your campaign.

  2. Frequency Doesn't Necessarily Mean Quality

    Remember those low budget commercials that flashed on our TV's 10 times a day? I can recite them. While we all want our message to be of quality, remember that high frequency alone can make an impression.

  3. What Do You Expect?

    Is your brand or product a one off or does it have staying power to grow with your audience? Basically the question is - how frequent should you frequent marketing be? Think twice about how frequency can work for your brand as your strategy may require it, or perhaps not require it.