What is eCPM?

eCPM stands for “effective cost per thousand impressions”. It is an industry term determined by dividing revenue by impressions (in the thousands).

How eCPM

  1. Calculating

    Divide the total number of earnings by the total number of impressions (times a thousand) to get your eCPM.

  2. Measuring

    eCPM is a way to measure performance of your ad buy and to track success.

  3. Comparing

    eCPM, over CPM, is a great tool to compare ad networks (even banner vs banner) when making decisions on future ad buys, design and strategy.

Why eCPM Matters

  1. Know How It's Working

    eCPM allows you to know how your ad content and buy is performing.

  2. Make Changes

    eCPM allows you to make changes to your ad strategy or buys and see if those changes pay off.

  3. It's Really Very Simple

    Ad buys are a real time game now. You can adjust by watching your eCPM to see what works and what doesn't.