What is Digital PR?

Digital PR is where businesses market their brand through connections with content creators and journalists. This is done with the goal of creating viral headlines, getting quoted as a source in articles, and links back to the company’s website.

How Digital PR Works

  1. 1. Connections Made

    Businesses -- or, more specifically, the PR arm of a company -- make connections with journalists, bloggers, influencers, and content creators who may have an interest in their service or product. This can be done in a variety of ways, such as an email or a phone call.

  2. 2. Content Shared

    Once an organic connection is made, it's then up to the business to share content with their connection. Whether that's a press release for a journalist or a special sale for a social media influencer, this content can then be taken and shared with their own audience.

  3. 3. Output Capitalized

    This content output can then be capitalized on by the business, as the audience of their contact then visits their website, e-store, or the like -- a tactic known as "backlinking." The business then benefits from the new attention, and the contact benefits from the new content that is related to their respective field of interest.

Digital PR Best Practices

  1. 1. Establish relevant connections

    A software company wouldn't connect well with a "mommy blogger," nor would a software company connect well with a politics journalist. Whatever the connection is, it must be one that is relevant to both parties' respective fields. A software company would find a good connection in a tech journalist, for example, as would the journalist benefit from having a new story about which they could write.

  2. 2. Share useful content

    Related to the above -- even with a relevant connection -- it's important for a business to make sure that their content is useful to their contact. A press release about a new product would be useful as a news story; a company blog post about productivity tips wouldn't.

  3. 3. Use all channels

    In today's world, there are an infinite amount of ways people can get content. It's not just television, print, or radio any longer -- nor is social media the end-all-be-all. A business maximizes their chances of a successful digital PR campaign if they utilize all channels: social media, related publications, etc. By understanding what channels are available to them, a business can find their audience even easier.