What is Crisis Communication?

The management and communication of information in response to an event that can affect the public (such as a storm) or an incident that can have a negative reflection on a company’s reputation.

How Crisis Communication Works

  1. The Defense

    PR companies take Crisis Communication seriously as they are the first defense for an individual, company or brand that has experienced a catastrophe or negative press.

  2. Acting Fast

    Crisis Communication is a fast acting business. Getting in front of bad press or a debacle requires speed and percision.

  3. Fire Fighting

    Bad news spreads like wildfire. The best metaphor for crisis communication is like fighting a fire. Dowsing knowledge and taking (or in some cases denying) ownership helps fight that fire but it must be done fast.

Why Crisis Communication Matters

  1. Crucial

    Without crisis communication, lives can be ruined and companies can fall hard - all due to some bad press. It can also be a way of separating the truth from the lies.

  2. Making the Best of a Bad Situation

    Crisis Communication requires training and a strong PR team built of spokespeople and experts.

  3. It Can Be Pricy

    Companies pay top dollar for strong crisis communication. This is because it can make a break a company's or individual's future so crisis teams are often in place from the beginning.