What is a CPCV Mobile Campaign?

A CPCV (Cost Per Completed View) Mobile Campaign is a is marketing strategy in which developers pay the advertising network each time a user watches an online video from beginning to end on a mobile device. The developer gets paid whether or not the user takes an action.

Why a CPCV Mobile Campaign Matters

  1. It's straightforward

    When you're browsing content on your mobile device and a video pops up, it's distracting-on purpose. These videos may be part of a CPCV or Cost per Completed View mobile campaign. the advertiser pays the video developer a set fee whenever a user watches a video on a mobile device entirely from beginning to end. Once the video concludes, the user is not required to take an action in order for the video developer to receive the fee.

  2. Its fees are based on video length

    What constitutes a completed view during a CPCV mobile campaign? In general, today's CPCV ads run between 10 and 30 seconds, start to finish. Prior to 2015, marketers took Facebook to task for charging them for ads that users never watched to entirety. Facebook pushed back replying that even without sound, the videos gave users total value as soon as the videos started to run. But in 2015, Facebook flipped its payment policy. The new arrangement resulted in developers getting paid for ads after users watch a minimum of 10 seconds of video. Today's range for online video ads is anywhere between 10 and 30 seconds of viewing time. If the user sits through the entire video, the advertiser pays the developer's fee.

  3. It works in different formats

    You can tell an entire story in 10-30 seconds depending on your selected video format. CPCV works well with a variety of formats including, how-to guides, brand testimonials or even cooking tips. All you need is imagination and the ability to push the right emotional buttons.

Why a CPCV Mobile Campaign Matters

  1. It's mobile

    With smartphones, iPads and other mobile devices, viewers can access the video content anywhere. The most ideal setting would be anyplace where users need to wait like a bus stop or while standing in line. A short video of 10-30 seconds is just enough time to capture a user's interest.

  2. It targets the ad to the viewer

    Brands can really benefit from a CPCV mobile campaign because it provides a way of offering content directly for a specific kind of user. An interested user is likely to complete their viewing if they believe the content is just for them.

  3. It's a simpler payment model for advertisers

    In a CPCV mobile campaign strategy, the payment model is pretty simple. The advertiser's fee remains consistent as long as the user watches the content from beginning to end.