What is a Content Marketing Agency?

A content marketing agency develops and promotes content that highlights a company’s brand in a way that’s relatable, useful and engaging to a target market. The content can be written, interactive or have a multimedia component.

How a Content Marketing Agency Works

  1. It offers strategic advice

    Clients contact a content marketing agency for strategic advice on the best way to market their brand to a target audience. Trust and openness must be established at the first meeting between a prospective client and the agency. It should be prepared to ask the right questions about the client's campaign objectives. Based on the answers, the content marketing agency should be able to integrate the client's goals into a workable action plan with measurable results.

  2. It produces content geared for each platform

    Today's content marketing agency must be well-versed in matching flawless content with the best platforms to which the target market will respond. Written content in the form of industry blogs, topical news articles and even DIY guides may be the right way to target one audience. While a multimedia approach with video content and other imagery may hype the company's brand to yet a different group. Still another audience may respond to content that is highly engaging with interactive online calculators. games and quizzes.

  3. It effectively uses the latest tech

    Clients want to have quality, measurable results from their content marketing agency. To be most effective, the agency must be fluent in state-of-the-art technology that helps a company to realize its marketing campaign goals. Additionally, a content marketing agency should show evidence of quality results from previous clients and marketing campaigns. This evidence might include referrals from other satisfied customers as well as video footage, exceptional written content or social media posts that went viral.

Why Does a Content Marketing Agency Matter?

  1. Integrity matters

    After agreeing on the campaign's objectives, the content marketing agency must be able to complete the tasks with timely deliverables. Clients need to know that the content marketing agency they select will be transparent about using best practices from a campaign's inception, throughout its outstanding execution and at the end of the campaign when the results are quantified.

  2. It makes content pop

    With all the competition for attention, a content marketing agency has to know how to individualize content for the right platform. Plus, the content has to be interesting, engaging and fun. The best agencies understand how to effectively use interactive content like podcasts, webinars, and ebooks to not only grab distracted audiences but to also provide useful information that positions a client's brand in the most positive light.

  3. It is results-oriented

    A content marketing agency understands that the client is planning a long game for customer brand loyalty in the long term. Without strategies and deliverables that measure results, an agency does its clients a disservice. After all, clients make the investment to get results that fully demonstrate success. With a fully engaged team and referrals or references from previous customers; a content marketing agency can provide a winning campaign for the target audience that will bring the client great brand recognition.