What is Cohort Analysis

Analyzing the behaviors and activities of cohorts or a cohort (a group of people or subset of a market that have something in common).

How Cohort Analysis Works

  1. Why Do We Need It?

    Cohort Analysis helps zero in on the impact of your marketing and advertising, per group of (actual and potential) consumers.

  2. Why it Differs

    Cohort Analysis, like all marketing analysis, tell you what's working and not working and where do go from there. However only Cohort Analysis shows the effect of your marketing campaign on a specific market segment over a period of time.

  3. Get To It

    Often Cohort Analysis is looked at before other types of analysis so you can focus in on what groups are positively effected by your marketing campaign changes.

Cohort Analysis Best Practices

  1. Market Segments

    It's important to have defined your cohorts (or market segments) before performing a Cohort Analysis. This will only help the quality of your Cohort Analysis.

  2. What to Test for?

    Cohort Analysis is excellent for testing changes in your market strategy such as sales, discounts and promotional campaigns.

  3. Use It!

    Cohort Analysis is one of the most underused types of research. It can not only better your industry but it can majorly increase the quality of a customer experience.