What is click to call?

Click to call is a link embedded in a webpage, email, video, or other type of online content that offers immediate access to an organizational representative through a phone call, VOIP, text message, or instant message.

What is click to call

  1. Offers immediacy

    Click to call offers an immediate level of customer service that allows companies to respond to customer inquiries and needs. It can reduce the time and number of touches required to convert an inquiry into a sale.

  2. Various formats

    Click to call allows the customer to contact a company using the method they feel most comfortable, whether phone, text, IM, etc. It's designed to remove barriers that prevent the customer from making inquiries about products and services.

  3. Request a call

    Click to call can also allow the user to request a call back from a customer rep either right away or during a period of time requested by the customer. This is part of a marketing strategy that emphasizes customer convenience.

Why click to call matters

  1. Mobile marketing strategy

    The prevalence of mobile phones and use of mobile technology lends itself to click to call marketing and sales strategies. Customer are already using their to view a webpage, or text and click to call provides access to a company representative at the push of one button.

  2. Customer preference

    Click to call allows the potential customer to contact an organization through a method they prefer. It crosses demographic lines by offering access via text, a phone call, or a call back within a period of time chosen by the customer.

  3. Increases ROI

    By some estimates, when implemented click to call strategies increases ROI by 120 to 140 percent. The Internet has changed consumer expectations, who want more immediate responses to requests for information and access to purchase products.