What is brand marketing?

Brand marketing is understanding consumers’ impressions of a company and developing marketing strategies that directly appeal to their emotions. Advertising and other marketing activities reflect how consumers connect with a company’s core brand values.

How brand marketing works

  1. Consumer habits

    Multiple factors influence consumer choices. A pair of shoes isn’t just a pair of shoes; it reflects the values of the company that makes it. Brand Marketing assesses how potential customers feel about a company’s products and thus influences their purchasing decisions.

  2. Addresses complexity

    Consumers have a lot of choices. More and more companies — grocery stores, department stores, etc. — develop their own product brands to compete with other brands they already offer. These brands can be marketed with a companies core values in mind.

  3. The Internet challenge

    The evolution of the Internet and social media has deeply impacted brand marketing practice. The mere selection of a specific social channel — Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook — influences how some consumers might perceive a brand.

Why brand marketing matters

  1. It's research based

    Brand marketing is based on real data about consumers. While companies should always be trying to sway consumers’ impressions of their brands, brand marketing focuses on how consumers really feel.

  2. It's battle tested

    Brand marketing employs consistent messaging that is market tested and that creates clear differentiation from competitors. Advertising and other marketing activities emphasize core brand values while at the same time account for consumer impressions.

  3. It addresses complexity

    Social media has changed the game. Brand marketing takes into account how consumers interact with companies and products online and allows for constant tweaking to achieve results.