What is brand identity

Brand identity is what separates one company from another, especially from its competition— in essence, it’s a company’s public face.

How brand identity works

  1. You're on camera

    Everything the public see about a company shapes that company's brand identity: logos, advertising, language used in marketing, customer service experience, media coverage, etc.

  2. It reflects values

    Regardless of how executives might view the values of their company, it's what the public thinks that matters. If those two perceptions are out of alignment a company has some serious brand identity challenges.

  3. The Internet game changer

    The internet and social media network present complex challenges for companies seeking to manage brand identity. For instance, employees are often seen as representing their employers on social channels, even with personal accounts. Bad behavior can negatively impact a company's brand identity.

Why brand identity matters

  1. It prompts self-reflection

    Companies need to know what they're about. Having a clearly articulated set of brand values, based on what companies know about their customers, informs advertising and other marketing strategies.

  2. It creates cohesion

    When companies know what they're about, and communicate it well to employees, it creates a cohesive and consistent picture of the company to the public. Employees, from the C-suite to the production floor, know how to communicate the company's values and mission to the public.

  3. It provides footing in a crisis

    Nothing damages a company's brand identity like a poorly managed crisis. An established crisis communications plan, rooted in a company's core brand identity and values, provides a path forward when a crisis hits.