What is a Boost/Burst Campaign?

A Boost/Burst Campaign is a strategy for mobile devices where a new app is vigorously promoted within 24 to 72 hours. The strategy involves driving user interest and increasing the app’s ranking in the App Store for IOS or Google Play for Android. If the app engages lots of users who want to pay for installs, it can even go viral. In the beginning of the campaign, the marketer benefits from increased awareness and revenue from the app’s paid downloads. Later, organic (unpaid) downloads powered by enough user volume can drive the app’s success.

How Does a Boost/Burst Campaign Work?

  1. It has a quick turn-around

    An aspiring app developer or marketer wants to see what kind of interest their new app will receive among users. Depending on how much is in the budget, the developer decides to test the waters with a boost/burst campaign. The turn-around is pretty quick, usually 24 to 72 hours to get results. The campaign should let the developer see how the app stands out among the competition. Marketers allocate enough budget money for media buys that give quick results. If the campaign creates enough interest, the app will experience a rankings boost in the App Store for IOS devices and in Google Play for Androids. Hopefully, as word gets out, it leads to users paying to download the app. If enough users are paying to download, the success could start a buzz with both media and users. .

  2. It should have clear goals

    A marketer should have clear expectations about their boost/burst campaign. What's the target audience and how will they be using the app on their mobile devices? Is it another app for gamers or is it a highly developed chat room? Will there be incentives built into the app? By knowing the answers to key questions ahead of time, the app developer can produce a strategy for a successful campaign. A successful campaign is one that can go viral.

  3. It should provide a feedback outlet

    If a marketer is testing a new app, there should be a way for users to give feedback, both the good and the bad. That's one of the main ways to find out if the app is generating interest. The worst thing that can happen is that the app is an overwhelming success but the system can't handle the volume. That kind of negative result will bring an app's high ranking crashing back down to square one.

Why a Boost/Burst Campaign Matters

  1. It gives new apps great exposure in little time

    A fledgling startup may be throwing all its resources behind a newly-developed app. A boost/burst campaign is a way to rapidly create maximum exposure and build up its base. By paying for a campaign to raise app awareness, its rise in the rankings could eventually help the app stand out from the competition, initiating a great ROI..

  2. It needs volume to succeed

    Apps need high rankings to produce enough interest in users so that, eventually, the app can stand on its own for the long-term. Some metrics depend on quality users as a success marker. But in a boost/burst campaign, volume is more important than user quality. It's the number of installs that matter for a new app.

  3. It needs a quality designed app

    In the early stages of a boost/burst campaign, a developer can test a functioning prototype app with minor flaws. But as the app catches on, the prototype must be replaced with high quality, engaging visuals and great functionality. The final version of the app should be ready for prime time.