What is an Ad Network?

A company that matches up, purchases, and sells ads from advertisers to websites and apps that are looking to advertise.

How Ad Networks Work

  1. The Basics

    Ad Networks gather unsold advertisements from websites looking to fill those spots and sell them to advertisers.

  2. The Bottom Line

    Ad Networks make money by taking a cut of the advertisements sold, or buying up ad spaces and selling them at a higher price.

  3. Collecting Data

    Ad Networks should provide tracking, targeting, and reporting methods and reports for every online campaign.

Ad Network Best Practices

  1. The Competition

    There are a lot of ad networks out there, so be picky. Some will have better access to targeting the sites you want to advertise on than others.

  2. Buying in Bulk

    Depending on your campaign, it is best to shop around for the best price as many Ad Networks are in a position to cut prices for bulk buys.

  3. Know What You're Buying

    Gone are the days of the sole desktop banner. In addition to banners, digital inventory has expanded by definition to include mobile apps, in-image/text ads, and video advertising.