What is account management?

Account management in public relations is the process used by PR firms to manage their relationships with clients and deliver client services.

How account management works

  1. Account managers

    PR firms that have numerous clients will often assign an account manager or director to each client. The individual is responsible for understanding the client's overall goals and objectives and is the point person for delivering the firm's products and services.

  2. Strategy and delivery

    PR account management works primarily on two levels -- strategy and delivery. The best account management models help clients identify effective strategies aligned with business goals and the activities involved in best executing the strategy.
  3. Briefs

    Many PR account management models involve the development of briefs that outline a problem or challenge. Briefs lead to the creation of a proposal that outlines strategy and details the PR activities and tactics that will be used to carry out the strategy.

Account management best practices

  1. Understand the client

    Account directors or managers need to fully understand the client's business and communications challenges. They need to develop good working relationships with clients and be able to offer credible options and solutions when it comes to strategy. Better working relationships lead to more business.

  2. Tasks and deadlines

    Account managers need to be in full agreement with the client on timelines and the activities that will be executed as part of the overall strategy. The manager should be in consistent communication with the client to ensure needs are being met.

  3. Measuring success

    Successful account management includes a component that evaluates strategies and activities to determine how successful they are. When PR firms can identify hard data that shows their work for clients has been successful the client is most likely to stay engaged.