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Our experiential marketing agency philosophy

Other brands take a “me first” approach to event marketing. They construct one big infomercial and figure out how to disguise it as an event.

We’re a different kind of Toronto experiential agency. TOP Agency Toronto thinks “you first”. This means we put ourselves in your audience’s shoes. What experience would have us raving to friends the next day? What’s going to have us hanging on the edge of our seats? What’s going to get us amped? Only once we’ve established a surefire path to delight do we delve into logistics and invites.

This mentality has built us a loyal fanbase over the years, as well as a long list of local and national contacts to help build your buzz. Journalists know when we’re putting something on, it’s going to be big.

Our experiential marketing process

Every event is a story waiting to happen. Our job starts weeks before the doors open—when we prime the pump on local, national, and social media. This spreads awareness for your brand and cause and builds buzz around the big night. Then during the event itself, we are on hand to shoot footage and live-stream the festivities. These highlights form the basis for our after-the-fact promotional campaigns, which drive home the events’ core theme to people who were there, or wish they had been!

Toronto location

We’re located right next to Old Toronto—which is home to a new business every day. We’ve helped all sorts of companies put on unforgettable events, always laddering the experience back into concrete business goals. If you’re looking for a dynamic agency with a strong Canadian presence to help you with your planning event needs, look no further than TOP Agency Toronto.


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