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A successful experiential marketing campaign must do three things. First, it must be relevant to the target audience. Regardless of how creative or thought-provoking the experience is, it will fail if it doesn’t reach the people you want it to reach most. Second, it must be different. The same old experience is just that: same, old. Creating something unique is a pillar of experiential marketing. Finally, it has to make your audience feel something. Empathy is critical to a good experience and your audience must experience your experiential marketing on a level that goes beyond simple relevance.

  • Product Launches
  • Live Event Creation
  • Roadshows
  • Exhibitions and Conferences

At TOP, we specialize in all three — relevance, uniqueness, empathy. We call it: simple, surprising, and significant. Our Kansas City experiential marketing team has the background and expertise to meet all three goals. This mantra is woven through everything we do for our Kansas City clients, whether they be scrappy startups in River Market or major multinationals downtown. And we do it right here in Kansas City.

At TOP, we know that standing out in Kansas City’s competitive business climate requires some serious creativity. We have a wealth of experience building forward-thinking and innovative experiential marketing campaigns around the globe and around the corner from your Kansas City business. From concept and planning to execution and post-event follow-up, we optimize all aspects of the experience.

We capture content

Kansas City boasts a thriving ecosystem of innovative start-ups, creative ventures, and business-friendly policies. We believe that great experiences are built to reach every relevant audience member. We work in mass media, social media, grassroots messaging, and countless other channels to ensure your target audience hears our message loud and clear.

We are resourceful

Budgets are important to any company, but even more so to up-and-coming Kansas City startups. But concepts are important too — so we find ways to do more with less, without compromising creativity.

We are creatives

Anyone can dream up an out-of-the-box concept, but not everyone can create one that perfectly ladders to your brand values and audience — not to mention also pull it off with finesse and within budget. That takes a true creative. We're deep thinkers, writers, designers, developers, and concepters with one foot in reality and another in the clouds.

We activate emotions

Our experientials need to inform, enlighten, inspire, and delight, so we work closely with our brands to deliver all of those and draw our audience into the brand vision.

Kansas City experiences for Kansas City companies

We love our Kansas City clients

From the more than 100 federal agencies to the pharmaceutical and automotive plants that call it home, Kansas City’s economy thrives on Midwestern grit and global talent. Strong infrastructure and a reputation as a transportation and distribution hub add up to an excellent business climate and lots of opportunity for local businesses to prosper. It can take a lot for your experiential campaign to stand out in such amazing company. TOP’s experience creating moments that people remember for a long time will help your brand get the attention that you need, whether you’re an established brand looking to expand, or the new kid on Independence Avenue looking to make your name.

Partnering with TOP is like having a creative engine building unique, relevant, and empathetic experiences right in your own company. But it doesn’t end there. As a full-service agency, we can create memorable experiences and broadcast them through every marketing channel to any audience.

Why hire a Kansas City experiential marketing agency?

Hiring a Kansas City-based experiential marketing agency means bringing in a partner that has the know-how, creativity, and drive to make your experiential marketing campaign work in Kansas City and across the globe. We draw on complex emotions and messaging, promote brand recognition, loyalty, and value. We have experience working on every facet of modern marketing here in Kansas City and the global scale and reach that makes working with us an incredible value. Our logistical experience comes from years of building innovative Kansas City experiences for tons of different audiences.

Experiential marketing for Kansas City Companies

As Missouri’s largest city and a hub of federal agencies and manufacturing, Kansas City is an excellent place to do business. KC is fast-paced and exciting, and so are we. We move fast — really fast. Sometimes the greatest experiential marketing campaigns are the ones that seem so perfectly timed, and timely, that they border on prescience. When you have your finger on the pulse of the city, you can predict what your audiences truly want and give it to them — before they even realize they want it. That’s experiential marketing that hits on all three of our core pillars. When you work with an experiential marketing agency from right here in Kansas City, you can be sure your campaign will hit all the right notes.

An Experiential Marketing Agency that lives in Kansas City

As a local Kansas City experiential marketing agency we know your business, and your competition, your customers. That’s because we’re not just a Kansas City agency, we’re natives who live, work, and play right here. What makes us even more unique is that we are also a global agency that can bring our wealth of knowledge and experience to bear for your brand. When you combine a global agency with a local feel you get experiential marketing campaigns that work here at home and across the globe.

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