1001 Woodward Ave. Detroit, MI 48226


Our experiential marketing philosophy

Our Detroit experiential team excels in putting your customer first. Before diving into logistics, we have a big-picture brainstorm around what experience will have your customers raving to their friends the next day. Interest is fine, but we want real enthusiasm—the type of response that turns followers into superfans.

Of course, pulling off an event also requires meticulous planning. At TOP Agency we’re visionaries, but also logisticians. We think through the contingencies—from rain to traffic, to a last-minute talent cancellation—ensuring your audience has a great experience no matter what pops up.


Our experiential marketing process

We make the most of every event we put on, giving you the biggest bang for your marketing buck. Every party is a photo opportunity, every speaking event a podcast, every seminar a blog post. Unlike other agencies, we’re always thinking about what content your experiences will generate, and how we can leverage that content to keep fans engaged long after they’ve cut off the wristband.

Sound expensive? Well actually, we work hard to minimize cost-cutting out the middleman with our team of crack in-house writers, graphic designers, videographers, and social media whizzes. Our thousands-strong network of influencers allows us to scale up events at a moment’s notice, and our national and local media connections mean your plans today become news tomorrow.

Detroit location

Detroit is a city of world-class experiences—and our offices are right in the thick of things. You’ll find us downtown, a stone’s throw from the Q line, walking distance from a host of great bars, venues, museums, and more. If you’re looking for a national experiential agency with a local presence to help you with your events planning needs, look no further than TOP Agency Detroit.


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