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There are three essential elements to creating an extraordinary experiential marketing campaign. First, it has to be relevant to the target audience. It can be easy to make a creative and thought-provoking experience, but if it lacks relevance, it fails at connecting your audience with your brand. Second, it must be unique. If you haven’t made the experience memorable it wasn’t an experience worth creating. The final element is empathy, you need to make your audience feel something. A truly unique encounter tethered into your brand’s image will have a lasting impression.

  • Product Launches
  • Live Event Creation
  • Roadshows
  • Exhibitions and Conferences

At TOP, all of our concepts are developed around these three elements. Whether they be scrappy startups or major multinationals, each project is carefully calculated for a structurally sound execution.

As a Dallas agency, we know that among Dallas’ ever-expanding community you’ve got to get pretty creative for a brand to make an impact. We have a history building forward-thinking and innovative experiential marketing campaigns not just around the corner from your Dallas business, but around the globe. From concepting and planning, to execution, and post-event follow up, we optimize every aspect of the experience to create something both on-brand and on-target.

We capture content

Rich with history, culture, art and business, Dallas was noted by Business Insider among one of the top ten up and coming cities in the U.S. Showing an exponential amount of growth over the last five years. With all that potential, there’s just as much competition. We believe that mindful and distinct experiences should be built to reach every relevant audience member and with such a vast array of incoming cultures and backgrounds, it takes the right team with the right approach to capture that audience’s attention. So we work in mass media, social media, grassroots messaging, and countless others to ensure they hear our message.

We are resourceful

We recognize the importance of budgets, especially with new businesses, so we work diligently to find ways to maintain the integrity behind our creative concepts while remaining within budget.

We are creatives

TOP is an agency of deep thinkers, writers, designers, developers, and concepters who understand how to translate creative ideas into one-of-a-kind brand experiences. We don’t just produce ideas, we develop intuitive strategies with research and reason to back them.

We activate emotions

We draw our audiences with the desire to inform, enlighten, inspire, and delight. So it’s important for us to work closely with our brands so our experiences are authentic, brand-relevant campaigns that demonstrate those components.

Dallas experiences for Dallas companies

We love our Dallas clients

Dallas is an eccentric and vibrant city, unlike anywhere else in Texas. With an abundance of eclectic food, live music, and a thriving business district, there’s a lot of competition out there. So it can take a lot for your experiential campaign to make an impression in such amazing company. TOP’s experience cultivating memorable moments with Dallas flair will help your brand get the attention that you need, whether you’re an established brand looking to expand, or the newest face in town looking to make your name.

When you partner with TOP you are partnering with a sophisticated machine of specialized creatives, producing unique, relevant, and empathetic experiences right here in Dallas. With the dedication of an in-house agency, and the skillset of a global one, we have the tools and knowledge to bring your experience to the next level. And if you’re looking for cohesive content marketing in your experience, it doesn’t end there. As a full-service agency, we can create experiences and broadcast them through every marketing channel to any audience.

Why hire a Dallas experiential marketing agency?

A Dallas-based experiential marketing agency brings all the insights of a local with a global reach. At TOP, we have the ability to drive your experientials not just in Dallas, but across the globe. We are a team of individuals who can never settle for “run of the mill.” We draw on complex emotions and messaging, promote brand recognition, loyalty, and value. We have experience working on every facet of modern marketing here in Dallas and on a global scale. That kind of reach makes working with us an incredible value.

Experiential marketing for Dallas Companies

Dallas is a city full of pioneers, it’s fast-paced and exciting, and so are we. We move fast — really fast.That’s because our intuitive team anticipates the needs of Dallas companies and works in real-time to take advantage of any opportunity that arises. With a finger on the pulse of the city we can predict your audience’s wants before even they can. With that kind of insider knowledge, we are able to capture our core pillars with accuracy and charm. When you work with an experiential marketing agency from right here in Dallas, you can count on your campaign making the right kind of impact.

An Experiential Marketing Agency that lives in Dallas

As a local Dallas experiential marketing agency we know your business, your competition, and your customers. That’s not just because we’re a Dallas agency, we’re natives who live, work, and play right here. Following the patterns and climate within the city. What makes us even more valuable is that we are also a global agency that can bring an abundance of knowledge and experience to your brand. When you combine a global agency with a local feel, you get experiential marketing campaigns that thrive here at home and across the globe.

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