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Our Dallas experiential marketing philosophy

Before planning an event, we put ourselves in the customer shoes. “What experience would have me raving the next day?” By putting delight at the center of our experiential marketing strategy, we ensure your audience will come back to the next event, and the one after that.

The consumer experience is a constantly evolving relationship, not a 24-hour window. Our secret sauce lies in fostering that relationship — ensuring fans remember your company’s name long after they’ve cut off the wristband.

Our experiential marketing process

Other experiential agencies rely on outsourcers for their events: outsourced copywriters, outsourced designers, outsourced videographers.

At TOP Agency we employ a local Dallas experiential marketing team of creative and analytical folks, who ensure your event is well positioned and well leveraged.

We understand there’s a before, during, and after to every brand experience. We prime the pump on social and local Dallas media weeks before the doors open, capture the event on camera or livestream during the festivity, and promote your brand after the fact using all the great photos and footage.

Uptown Dallas location

Uptown Dallas is packed full of unforgettable experiences, from great dining at the Kung Fu Saloon to pleasant strolls in Grigg’s Park. Here at TOP Agency, we find daily inspiration — drawing from our surroundings to bring your brand industry-leading experiential marketing. If you’re looking for a national agency with a local presence to help you with your events planning needs, look no further than TOP Agency Dallas.

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