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Experiential marketing lives and dies in three different ways. First, it has to be relevant. Without relevance for your audience an experiential marketing campaign will be simply glossed over as “for someone else.” Determining relevance sets the stage for being successful in the next two ways. Your experiential marketing campaign must next be unique. It’s not enough to roll out the same old messages, in the same old way. They must be new, fresh, surprising, and engaging if they are going to be work on the level that the third aspect operates.

An experiential marketing campaign must have empathy. Your customer has to be able to experience it on a level that goes beyond reason (relevance), or interest (uniqueness). It must mean something to them. Win all three, and you win the day.

  • Product Launches
  • Live Event Creation
  • Sampling Activities
  • Roadshows
  • Exhibitions and Conferences
  • Festivals

At TOP, we specialize in relevance, uniqueness, and empathy, though we’ve simplified it down to more of a mantra: simple, surprising, significant. We bring this mantra and all that it means to every experiential campaign we run. It’s not enough for us to reach our audience on just one level. We want to reach them on all three and provide and amazing experience that people will be talking about now, and years from now.

Why Hire an Experiential Marketing company?

Experiential marketing campaigns immerse and engage consumers in memorable ways. They draw on complex emotions and messaging, promote brand recognition, loyalty, and value. They call on many marketing disciplines to be interwoven at the same time from concepting, content creation, advertising, multimedia experiences, you name it. An agency that specializes in these kinds of marketing tactics will make sure that your campaign hits all the right notes at the right time, leaving you ready to reap the rewards.

How Can Experiential Marketing Help My Business?

Whether your brand is new and unknown or timeless and popular, experiential marketing can provide your customers with the kind of personalized attention they won’t get elsewhere. Everyone likes to feel special and experiential marketing can be empowering to the consumer. Once empowered, consumers want to share that feeling with others, boosting the brand and building name recognition.

How Can I Make My Experiential Successful

As mentioned before there are three basic criteria for a successful experiential campaign: relevance, uniqueness, and empathy. In order to be relevant you should attempt to get into the mind of our consumer and understand what the logical side of their brain is looking for. To be unique, look at the competition and see what everyone else is doing and find the white space everyone else is ignoring and own it. Finally, put yourself in the shoes of your consumer to build empathy. Rather than what do they want, think about how they feel. If you can tap into their emotional reservoir with a message that resonates, you’ll win them over.

Join us in one of our offices for a conversation about how your brand can benefit from a strategic experiential marketing plan and get to know TOP and all that we can do for your company.

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