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Live in-person interfacing that maximizes ROI

From Downtown to Yaletown, TOP drives awareness, sales, and loyalty through event marketing for Vancouver’s best brands

Vancouver’s laid-back demeanor can be a bit of a front. Business competition is as fierce here in our town as it is in any other commercial hub. And in a business atmosphere where everyone has a slick ad campaign and all their bases are covered, buyers are more shrewd and more empowered than ever. That makes it extremely important for local companies to add value in unique ways. Event Marketing is an excellent way to prove value, introduce a product or brand, and build relationships at critical junctures. Event Marketing, where your customer base experiences your brand directly, has evolved with the rise of social media, streaming, and a greater focus on unique experiences.



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TOP’s battle-tested Event Marketing strategies help your company to plan themed events to introduce your brand, values, focus, people, and pain-solvers in person. We design and execute Event Marketing plans that drive conversions, advocacy and revenue.

Whether you want to break through the noise and generate recognition for your brand, introduce a new product or service, or gain instant feedback from clientele, TOP has your back. Our events are designed for maximum impact. They build trust, establish thought leadership, and ramp up your sales to keep your edge sharp and your momentum unstoppable.

Showcasing your brand and bringing new leads into your pipeline

We love working with our Vancouver clients 

In a city named “Hollywood North” because of its preponderance of film and TV productions, Vancouverites know a thing or two about putting on dramatic events. At TOP, we’re no exception. We’ve assisted everyone from three-person startups to major multinationals in introducing new features, products, and services, and in putting on brick-and-mortar shindigs that both educate and entertain. 

Event Marketing has become an expected and significant part of ad budgets across every industry, with the majority of corporate officers designating it as an increasingly important need. And today, streaming and live social feeds give your event marketing effort more reach than ever. TOP uses the latest data, tools, and technology to identify inventive ways to attract, engage, and delight your target audience through live events. We also use proprietary metrics to constantly monitor what works and what doesn’t, making adjustments in real time.

Why hire a Vancouver Event Marketing agency?

As your neighbors, we at TOP are in a special position to help you maneuver at a city level. We also have many years of success with larger firms on a national and international scale. Not only that, but we do it all using our skills and experience to strictly meet deadlines and work well within budget constraints. Your event will be designed for maximum impact and profitability.

Event Marketing for Vancouver companies

We use stunning visuals and cutting-edge tech to elevate excitement about your brand. Our events allow you to educate customers en masse, have one-to-one conversations, and garner conversions with live product demonstrations, all at once.

An event marketing agency that lives in Vancouver

As a team whose members visit the same shops, parks, offices, and restaurants that you do, we know your prospective customers’ wants and needs. We are right there to help you identify key assets, cover logistics, and follow up on leads for ongoing success. Our expertise and reach allow us to identify appropriate events that tailor your message, promote participation in your brand’s dynamics, and boost awareness to drive conversions.

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