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Los Angeles is best known for its many entertainment companies and brands. The City of Angels is also home to several startups that are making waves in the technology, transportation, and food industries, to name a few. Each of these companies relies on agencies like TOP to manage their event marketing efforts to spread the message about their offers. Not only does event marketing garner attention, it engages the public in ways other marketing strategies cannot, leaving them with memorable impressions they will talk about later with friends and family.

Some of our tools include:

  • Event Marketing Campaigns
  • Email Marketing
  • Media and Social Amplification
  • Creative Conceptualism and Branding
  • Marketing Events Insights

Along with consistent research and analytics, our event marketing experts keep up with the latest trends, news, anything that gives us an insight into what gets consumers excited about a product or service. We also look for innovative ways to reach audiences when traditional face-to-face events are unavailable, using virtual contests, social media feeds, streaming one-time stunts, or scheduled Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions with company representatives. All of these initiatives are designed to increase awareness, engage audiences, generate leads, and boost customer loyalty.

Whether you are a small startup or an established business looking to build hype for your new products, TOP has you covered. We listen to your story and your goals so we can create a marketing event that fits your needs and makes the most significant impact for your budget. Your audience will be left with a lasting impression that sticks with them, spurring them to action and increasing your profits.

TOP exemplifies Los Angeles’ drive and innovation

We love our LA clients

Los Angeles has always been a welcoming host for forward-thinkers and doers, from Lucille Ball’s pioneering efforts in television, to spunky startups that re-envision our daily lives. At TOP we strive to exemplify this spirit in everything we do, including event marketing that’s creative and ground-breaking.

At TOP our experts work with you to plan themed marketing events focused on giving your audience a memorable experience, and motivating them to follow through with purchases. We excel at developing virtual events that invite audience participation and feedback, with clear CTAs. For in-person events such as trade shows and conferences, we can put together a booth and informative promotional materials, so you can talk with customers in real time and answer their questions. Whether your marketing event is live or virtual, you’ll gain valuable insights about your customers while also building trust and credibility for your brand.

Why hire a Los Angeles event marketing agency?

Event marketing is an excellent way to gain awareness for your brand and draw in new leads. It also takes a lot of time and effort. There are a hundred questions that demand solid answers or the whole plan could fall apart. We have the knowledge and experience to help you answer those questions — as well as some you may not think of — and create a streamlined marketing event that flows effortlessly. We handle all the details and can improvise when things go wrong, giving your company a more professional demeanor that leaves a lasting impression on your audience.

Event Marketing for Los Angeles companies

Event marketing gives you the opportunity to provide live demonstrations of your products and services, and allows you to connect with customers in real time. TOP lives here in the City of Angels; we know the business landscape and what gets everyone’s attention. Our event marketing strategies provide unique experiences tailored to attract your target consumers, invite their participation, and leave them clamoring for more. Even when circumstances threaten to interrupt your event, we improvise on the fly, because in Los Angeles everyone knows “The show must go on!”

An Event Marketing agency that lives in Los Angeles

Here at TOP, we aim to entertain and educate consumers in true Los Angeles form: through dynamic strategies that evoke your audience’s emotions and leave them wanting more. Our office on Hollywood Boulevard is staffed by local agents who know the city and its residents. They have creative ideas on how to plan and execute successful marketing events that reflect the rich, diverse culture of the city and attract target audiences. Our efforts effectively generate improved brand awareness, strong sales leads, and useful feedback from customers.

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