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From Dunning to Kenwood, our event marketing plans enhance recognition and loyalty for Chicago brands

Chicago hosts a plethora of successful companies driven by brilliant minds, all looking to break new ground with their innovative ideas. These innovative, resourceful business leaders turn to TOP to help them promote their brands. One of our specialties: event marketing methods that garner publicity and encourage interactions with prospective consumers through sponsoring events in person or via virtual campaigns with the capability of going viral, helping you spread the word about your offers faster and easier.

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TOP’s event marketing experts can plan digital or live events that bring focus to your company’s goods, services, and latest offers. Some popular events include webinars, trade shows, expositions, festivals, and streaming contests. We can also coordinate private events for industry professionals such as healthcare providers or financial experts, allowing you to demonstrate your products and answer questions. Private events help you build credibility, foster business relationships, and increase demand.

Event marketing is time-consuming even for larger companies. The TOP Agency handles everything from conceptualization and planning to logistics and promotion. Our targeted data and analytics ensure your company achieves maximum reach and receives the best ROI. Send your most energetic and experienced representatives to meet with the public, ready to promote your brand and field questions from discerning consumers.

What makes us different?

We dig Chicago’s vibe and drive

Chicago has it all: Wrigley Field, Soxfest, Taste of Chicago, not to mention that amazing deep dish we crave. Chicago is also home to several industry leaders, and they all rely on event marketing to improve brand awareness. TOP has them — and you — covered, providing everything necessary for a successful event marketing campaign.

Your event goals should be aimed at entertaining, educating, and exciting people about your brand. We have the skills for creating event marketing that does all this through both live and virtual events.

Traditional live event marketing is done in person at special events such as trade fairs, exhibitions, and festivals. These let you engage with the public face-to-face and offer promotional items, further delighting your visitors and leaving a great impression. Our event marketing experts excel at planning and executing these live events, as well as creating digital promotions through social media and email marketing.

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