Event marketing

The marketing of any event that involves face to face interaction with customers

Make the most of any event, big or small, by creating a marketing campaign which maximizes the ROI.

We know events.

With experience working with a wide range of events, whether that's industry conferences, music festivals or product launch events, we've been there and done that before.

We are organized.

We all know events are stressful and with so many balls to juggle, we'll be there to make sure your marketing is covered.

We are multi-disciplined.

We have a video team to help with capturing content, an editorial team to create witty words for ads, a marketing team to plan your activities, a social media team to focus on your platforms and of course, a PR team to amplify your stories.

We are creative.

We find stories which take make your marketing story stronger and elevate it out of any niche area into an area of interest for everyone.

We are global.

We can work across the globe and have team members in almost every region ready to jump on board.

Our Capabilities

Event Marketing Campaigns

We can take on every element of marketing to support your campaign, no matter how big or small.

Email Marketing

Door to Door flyers might be on its way out, but email marketing continues to be an effective way to publicize your event, with a detailed analysis of your target audience.

Media amplification

Either through a series of paid for adverts or editorial PR approaches, we can publicize your event to your target market.

Marketing Events Insights

We can help you narrow down your exact target audience thanks to our unique insight tools and experience.

Creative Conceptualisation

Come to us with a concept and our team will happily pull together a full creative concept for your event.

Design and Branding

We work with clients to produce graphics and logos which carry across their event and reflect the nature of their brand or business.

Social Media Management

Our team will happily manage all aspects of social media surrounding the event from pre-publicity through to post event wrap ups.

Crisis Communications

Events by their very nature have a large element of the unknown which can often lead to the need to mitigate public crises, which we love to help with.

Our Events Marketing agencies

Our Events Marketing Agencies will be on hand to guide you through every element of your event.

Let's make things eventful!