Event marketing

Maximize ROI while interfacing with your clients.

TOP is an industry-leading agency using Event Marketing to drive awareness, sales, and customer loyalty for the world's best brands. 

Customers and consumers today are more empowered than ever. This new empowerment has made it more and more important for companies to seize every possible moment to add value, introduce their product or service, and build relationships that lead to revenue. Event Marketing has evolved over the last decade with the rise of social media, streaming, and a greater focus on experiences. Event Marketing allows companies to plan themed events that introduce their brand, values, focus, people, and personality firsthand. TOP designs and executes Event Marketing plans that focus on creating great experiences with your brand.

From conceptualizing and planning to logistics and promotion, we make it easy for your audience to identify with you and understand how your offerings improve their lives. Whether you are attending a trade show, hosting a webinar, putting on a private event at a local venue, TOP increases awareness of your offering, generates leads, and boosts customer loyalty.

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  • Media and Social Amplification
  • Creative Conceptualism and Branding
  • Marketing Events Insights

TOP stays ahead of trends to combine experience with data to help you set measurable goals for every event, design branding around a clear theme, effectively promote your event across all channels, and flawlessly execute logistics for maximum impact.

Whether you want to break through the noise and generate brand recognition, introduce a new product or service, or gain instant feedback from customers, the TOP team works with your brand to create a memorable experience that builds trust, establishes your thought leadership, and injects your sales with a shot of adrenaline to keep your momentum going.

Event Marketing that showcases your brand and injects new leads into your pipeline

TOP Event Marketing services are more than education and lead generation. We create experiences that energize and excite your audience that converts prospects into advocates. 

Live events give you a unique opportunity to showcase your products, introduce new features or services, and put on demonstrations that educate and entertain simultaneously. The art of Event Marketing has become a standard of many industries and, thanks to streaming and live social feeds, gives you more reach than ever before. TOP uses the latest data, tools, and technology to identify innovative ways to attract, engage, and delight your target audience through live events. Whether you are a startup looking to disrupt the market or an established brand wanting to introduce a new product, TOP has the Event Marketing skills to execute live events that build momentum for your brand.

Why Hire an Event Marketing agency?

When you hire a partner like TOP to handle your events, you get an industry expert with the experience and skills to meet deadlines and budget constraints. We tailor our creative process to match your brand’s values and use our knowledge to make your events run without a hitch.

Why does Event Marketing matter?

Attending conferences, trade shows, or putting on your own events gives you a platform where you can educate customers en masse, have one-to-one conversations, and conduct live product demonstrations at the same time. An effective Event Marketing strategy gives your customers an opportunity to experience your brand and feel the excitement you bring to the market.

How do I get started? 

TOP works with companies to set Event Marketing strategy. We identify events that make sense for your brand, tailor your messaging to the audience, and promote your participation to drive awareness. We also help you plan out what creative assets are needed, which personnel are needed to execute logistics, and what the follow up actions will be for leads generated.

Let's make things eventful!

Next steps

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