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From Hi to Buy, E-commerce is a critical step in the funnel

A simple, enjoyable, and flawless experience is the key to a successful E-commerce program

For retail outfits large and small, a robust, effective, e-commerce strategy is no longer a nice to have, it’s a must have. With steady growth year-over-year, e-commerce sales have exploded as a proportion of overall sales in 2020, and having a digital sales program that meets the needs of online consumers became one of the main reasons some businesses are succeeding while others are not.

At TOP, we are experts in digital commerce, able to bring together our web development and UI UX design capabilities, growth-hacking skills, and a full suite of digital marketing services to create a comprehensive e-commerce platform and marketing plan that will boost sales. Whether your business needs complete creation of a e-commerce system, an overhaul of an outdated program, or some strategic tweaks to boost efficiency, our development team has the experience and expertise to create a system that not only converts the customers you have today, but is scalable enough to reach the customers you will need tomorrow.

Our e-commerce services include:

  • Tailored e-commerce front and back end design and implementation
  • UI UX design
  • SEO optimization
  • Digital marketing
  • Affiliate marketing services

Your e-commerce platform is the final step in your sales funnel and in many ways, it is the most important step. Once you’ve convinced your customer to purchase, the experience should be simple, enjoyable, and flawless. At TOP, we’re masters of the conversion funnel and understand how critical this final step can be. Which is why we create tailored, strategies for every client that play to their strengths, meet their needs, and ultimately, make the purchasing process as simple, enjoyable, and flawless as possible.

E-commerce is essential

Knowing exactly how and why your customers buy online is the most important research you can do

Mapping out the customer journey is not just an academic exercise, it’s a look into exactly how your customers think and what they will eventually think of your sales funnel. At TOP, we employ a customer journey map that includes 6 distinct points of opportunity, most of which can be won or lost based on your e-commerce strategy. From awareness and consideration to purchase and post purchase experiences, your e-commerce strategy is more than simply retail done online, its your entire customer service experience. And done well, with the right components of marketing, web development, and UI UX design, you’ll convert not only customers or repeat customers, but loyal customers.

Why Hire an E-commerce Agency Partner?

The reasons to partner with an E-commerce agency are many. We have the expertise, the technical prowess, the marketing chops, the up-to-date trend monitoring, and any number of other skill sets that may not be in your brand’s wheelhouse. But most of all, we know the decision journey your customers are taking and how to insert your brand at crucial points to go from awareness to loyalty. For instance, did you know that customers start most of their online purchase paths on their mobile phones but complete their purchase on a laptop? This type of insight can only come from an experienced agency with the background necessary to make and act on these insights.

How can an E-commerce agency help your business?

Frankly, this is no longer a question. It should be “how can not having an e-commerce presence hurt my business” because not have a digital retail strategy is leaving an inordinate amount of sales on the table. Customers from the Fortune 500 company to the family ordering a pizza, assume the ability to purchase from your business online. Not offering that service can do real damage to your brand. Hiring an e-commerce agency will not only help you create a useful and beautiful e-commerce experience, we’ll bring our marketing and growth expertise to help you get the most out of it.

What are the qualities of a top E-commerce agency?

When choosing an e-commerce company you want a results-driven firm with the experience and expertise to take your brand through the entire e-commerce strategy and implementation experience. They should be experts in the technical, strategic, and creative aspects of e-commerce. But they should also be experts in your industry, knowing your customers, and understanding their unique buyer’s journey.

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