Direct Marketing

Strategic Direct Marketing that's more than mailers 

TOP is a leading Direct Marketing agency educating the public and delivering tailored communications that drive sales for top brands. 

You have lists and lists of lists that reflect the markets you want to penetrate and how your products solve problems your customers face. You want to deliver a tailored value statement to you customers, but don’t want to simply blast an email to your audience. TOP works with companies to combine traditional marketing efforts with digital age analysis and targeting to ensure your budget is not wasted on those who don’t need your messaging. Our team helps you take data, creative assets, and personalized messaging to reach the right accounts with clear CTAs that drive your sales. We bring a perspective to Direct Marketing that reaches pockets of consumers in new markets, identifies high-intent consumers in existing markets, cross-sells and up-sells services, or to converts positive interactions into conversions.

Our Direct Marketing capabilities are:

  • Market Analysis
  • Marketing and Channel Strategy
  • Vertical and Industry-Specific Direct Marketing
  • Personalized CRMs
  • Response Analysis

There are many ways to use Direct Marketing to capture customer attention. TOP creates the right strategy to meet your needs. Whether it is an account-based marketing strategy with a boxed mailer, a sample press release for a prospect company, a SWAG box with branded products, or customized content kits, TOP knows how to make your offering shine and inspire action that leads toward conversion.

TOP differs from other agencies in our ability to turn data into actionable, measurable results. We leverage our network of agencies to survey and research what your customers are looking for and connect them with your unique value proposition that will encourage them to act.

Direct Marketing strategies that weave a creative narrative connecting you with your audience 

TOP designs and executes Direct Marketing techniques that improve your conversion rates with new customers and increase loyalty within your current base. 

The best Direct Marketing campaigns focus on promoting a certain product or service and how it solves a specific pain point for your target audience. TOP uses Direct Marketing to help brands build relationships with new customers, A/B test different value prop statements, tell a compelling story to that encourages action, and uses insights to drive actionable results that enable sales. Our focus is on revenue, and we design programs that maximize your ROI.

Why hire a Direct Marketing company?

Companies like TOP specialize in driving Direct Marketing strategies that bring real results. We bring battle-tested blueprints that are customizable to meet your needs. These blueprints use data and analytics to help you know what resonates with your audience, how best to reach them, and what CTAs will generate results.

What is included in Direct Marketing?

Direct Marketing is any messaging that is sent directly from your business to a prospect or current customer. The intent of Direct Marketing is to tailor your message to build credibility, establish a relationship of trust, and capture the attention of your subject to guide them to your brand offerings.

What makes a winning Direct Marketing strategy? 

TOP designs Direct Marketing campaigns that focus on being simple, surprising, and significant. Whether it is a content kit, branded SWAG, or a customized brochure, we create messages that resonate with your audience and push prospects to clear CTAs.

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