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From Stanley Park to Kitsilano, we make magic happen for Vancouver clients

When you work in tech-friendly Vancouver, or just outside the city in Burnaby, Richmond, or Surrey — even up the Sea to Sky highway to Whistler — digital marketing efforts can often take a backseat when other business priorities or opportunities for scale arise. Luckily, the team at TOP is equipped with the latest technologies, strategies, and innovations across digital marketing, media buying, keyword optimizing, and expert targeting to create a data-driven marketing schematic that keeps the customer top of mind.

There are plenty of opportunities across the digital marketing spectrum to activate on. Whether you need to overhaul your paid search strategy, create more pointed content on your social channels or landing pages, or rethink your current audience personas, TOP is moving needles and carving out unique positioning in your market through a range of disciplines:

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Pay-per-click (PPC) ads
  • Amazon store optimization
  • Conversion rate optimization (CRO)
  • Website design and development
  • Social media marketing

We examine every touchpoint of your customer journey to ensure you are engaging audiences at every step and identifying winnable opportunities as they arise. An integrated marketing plan online will also translate to offline results, tracked through a series of advanced capabilities and third-party partnerships with the best tools in the industry. We scale businesses in ways other Vancouver agencies cannot, but all the while deliver a seamless brand experience that will delight your customers.

Vancouver is the backdrop of our digital marketing efforts

We love our Terminal City clients

With big data and new technologies changing the field every day, a few things stay the same, one of which being: Digital marketing is a field in which early movers have the clear advantage when they recognize and make good on an opportunity.

When other brands can outspend you, you have to find savvier ways to compete. The TOP approach includes detecting moments across the digital sphere that your competition has yet to capitalize on. From this, we generate momentum and carve out a unique positioning for the premium brands on our team.

Before we make any moves, we determine the problem you are trying to solve for and map out an unfamiliar solution to this new problem. Rather than try to implement a tired strategy, we create something brand new that hits at the core of your digital marketing issue.

Based in Vancouver — and yes, we still go to Granville Island, despite it being a haven for tourists — we have a lot of pride for our stunning views, our futuristic library, and our endless supply of nature-filled activities. We laid down roots here for these reasons and for the companies that call at home. At any stage, we have helped brands launch, scale, and grow in unprecedented ways, allowing us to claim the title of one of the best-performing digital advertising agencies in the world.

Why Hire a Vancouver Digital Marketing Agency?

From Fortune 500 companies to small-scale SaaS startups, or list of clients seek us out for a specific service or program or as a creative partner they trust to update their entire digital ecosystem. With local expertise and global experience, we have created an entire system that allows us to scale faster, smarter, and stronger. Whether in Chinatown, Gastown, Yaletown, or beyond, TOP knows Vancouver from the inside out and ways to test your messaging here at home or abroad.

Startups to Settled Companies All Need a Digital Strategy

Looking to boost your leads or app signups? Whether you’re a B2B enterprise or a fast-growing SaaS company, we leverage data-driven paid advertising & content driven SEO to help you grow your business.  We can start small and scale up once we’ve proven results or also analyze a larger digital program to find missed opportunities and hidden inefficiencies.  From Sausalito to San Jose, we’ll test, optimize, and scale performance at record speed.

Regardless of your objective, be it a revamped social strategy or a SEO overhaul of key landing pages, we leverage data-driven analysis to uncover areas of opportunities and rework any disorganization. Whatever the task may be, we find moments to test, optimize based on deliberate KPIs, and grow from our successes.

Intentional Digital Marketing for Vancouver

When we implement our data-driven approach to every aspect of your business, the only way to go is up. Everything from brand new products on the market to brands that are already being searched for regularly, a thorough understanding of your audience can open a world of opportunity. When you know your targets left and right, you can create optimized content to reach them, convert them, and retain them as customers.

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