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Toronto-based TOP is a digital marketing agency for the new age -- and every age after.

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Tech-forward Toronto — or neighboring Mississauga, Hamilton, even Ottawa — houses some of the world’s most innovative companies. As these organizations scale at record pace, though, priorities shift and oftentimes, digital marketing presence can suffer as a result. When you want your audience to react and take desired action, the team at TOP is prepared to leverage our skills in media buying and placement, data analysis, digital marketing, and keyword optimization to execute a customer-centric strategy backed by data.

By creating detailed persona profiles to defining the best methods and metrics to target them through paid search, strategic social targeting, and programmatic media placements, our digital marketing team is equipped with the best tools, technology, and experience to generate results quicker than any agency in Toronto and beyond.

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Pay-per-click (PPC) ads
  • Amazon store optimization
  • Conversion rate optimization (CRO)
  • Website design and development
  • Social media marketing

We map your customer journey from start to finish and identify winnable moments at every point for you to best engage your audience. By mapping that same online marketing strategy to offline results, we are able to use advanced tracking capabilities to ensure results from the top of your marketing funnel down. This seamlessly integrated marketing program delivers a brand experience unparalleled to others in your space.

We're experts on dressing for frigid winters and scaling digital marketing efforts

A good digital strategy, like a good outfit in sub-zero temperature, has layers, and they all work together.  Trust us -- Canada winters are no joke. Neither is our work experience.

We live in data

We spend more time immersed in data than we do on the TTC, and that is saying a lot. While the Subway can often be unreliable, you can guarantee results with our data-driven approach to everything we create -- graphic design and copywriting efforts included.

We create holistic plans

Every channel has a role in your integrated marketing mix. We will get rid of channels that do not serve you and introduce ones that do.

Toronto is our digital marketing engine

We love our 416 clients

Digital marketing is a practice that favors those who can identify an opportunity and act on it, even as big data changes the playing field on a near daily basis.

When you take the approach of finding ownable moments, you generate a momentum and carve out a unique position in your market. The best part? You do not need to spend a lot of money to do so. In fact, you will see the same results, if not better ones, than the companies that can outspend you by a factor of 10 to 1.

Digital marketing strategy is not “one size fits all.” By focusing on the problem at hand, we can operate more efficiently when we do not force fit a solution that has worked in the past for similar, not identical, issues.

We call The 6 home for a reason. There is an atmosphere of excitement and disruption that changes the landscape every day, while remaining true to our roots. We love the Raptors and Tim Horton’s and we are not afraid to admit it. We are also not afraid to admit we are one of the world’s leading digital advertising agencies, because we have composed a formula that outpaces other agencies to help companies in Toronto and abroad launch, scale, and achieve success at rapid speed.

Why Hire a Toronto Digital Marketing Agency?

We are certainly not the only digital marketing agency in the world. We are not even the only digital marketing agency in Toronto! But we laid roots here with the expectation to turn traditional digital marketing on its head, boasting national experience and global scale to our lineup of companies, be them B2B or B2C, early-stage startup or late-stage multinational organizations. No matter the project, we incorporate our feedback system to help us test faster, smarter, and more strategically, yielding results quicker and better.

Scalable Digital Marketing Strategy at Any Stage

Combining data-driven paid efforts with creatively optimized content yields proven results, faster. We uncover missed opportunities and gaps in your current plan to scale your efforts, whether they include boosting lead generation, growing app signups, or scaling your social media presence.

An Intention-Based Digital Marketing Agency

No matter your product, good, or service, it is imperative to understand the nuances that shape your unique audience. When you understand their intent and test creative to gauge response, both locally in Toronto from Casa Loma to Rexdale, but across the country as well, we approach every effort with unmatched data capabilities and creative executions to create a new solution.

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