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TOP is a Seattle-based digital marketing agency with a global portfolio.

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We help Seattle-based companies grow at record speed, from Queen Anne to Capitol Hill

Whether you reside in the heart of downtown Seattle or in neighboring Bellevue, Tacoma, Redmond, or Olympia, companies here grow at record speed thanks to tech-forward innovations and an atmosphere of disruption. As your organization grows, though, it can be easy to cast aside the digital marketing efforts, tools, and techniques needed to get your customers to take action. The team at TOP is comprised of digital marketers, media planners and buyers, experts in social and search targeting, and data analysts; together, they compose the perfect mix of data-driven strategy needed for your specific customer journey.

Whatever discipline you may need across the digital spectrum — be it acquiring more traffic, optimizing your search terms, creating a suite of targeted content, or streamlining your organic efforts — TOP’s proven methods of quick, efficient scaling using thorough data and analytics have moved the needle for our range of clients in greater Seattle and beyond.

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Pay-per-click (PPC) ads
  • Amazon store optimization
  • Conversion rate optimization (CRO)
  • Website design and development
  • Social media marketing

When you hit the mark online, your offline results will follow suit. By doing a thorough analysis of your customer journey and identifying niche opportunities for your particular service, good, or product, we can integrate a digital media plan that is unique to competitors here in Seattle and abroad, leveraging specialized content and creating a seamless brand experience.

We are experts on digital marketing ... and coffee

We've created thousands of campaigns for our clients and from that have created a set of best practices, tools of the trade, and a long list of "not-to-do's" while downing thousands (and thousands) of cups of coffee.

Data is life

You know how overcast skies are a reality of living in Seattle? Being data-driven is just a way of life here at TOP. Everyone in every discipline, creatives and account managers included, use data in everything they do.

We plan holistically

We coordinate all marketing channels into a seamless and integrated program with each channel optimized for its unique role in the marketing mix. Every channel and platform you need to achieve your goals will be considered, planned out, and integrated into your unique marketing mix. Think about it like creating the perfect playlist with all different genres (though we all know grunge reigns supreme, because, hello -- this is Seattle).

We work it like growth marketers

We determine what success looks like before running testing against our hypotheses. Growth marketing, after all, is a science.

Seattle leads the way on digital marketing

We love our Emerald City clients

The digital landscape is constantly shifting. Nothing remains the same, aside from one core truth: Digital marketing favors the bold. Those who recognize and act on an opportunity often take full control.

Regardless of budget or current capabilities, our approach allows us to find the opportunities that have yet to be picked up by your competition, even if they can outspend you 10 to 1. By capitalizing on those opportunities and maintaining your unique position in the market, your brand stands to surpass the big players without spending anywhere near the amount they do online.

At the core of every strategy, there is a problem to solve for. Within that strategy lies the solution, and every solution is unique to your business. Before you fit a square peg into a round hole and try a solution that is too general or familiar, we will get to the bottom of exactly what you are trying to do.

At the end of the day, Seattle residents take a lot of pride: Pride in being the loudest NFL fan base ever recorded, pride in our coffee scene, and pride in being a hub of innovation across industries. Living in Seattle ourselves, we have seen the growth happen at record pace, and we are proud to have helped many companies here launch or scale in unprecedented ways. Because of our partnerships in Seattle and beyond, TOP takes pride in being one of the world’s best performing digital advertising agencies.

Why Hire a Seattle-Based Digital Marketing Agency?

TOP offers hyper-local expertise with experience on the global scale. From small B2B startups to major Fortune-level companies with offices worldwide, we have fostered a digital marketing ecosystem that allows us to collaborate with organizations of any size. By creating a systematic feedback loop that has expedited the approval process, we can run more tests faster, optimize smarter, and see results quicker than any other agency in the world.

Pointed Strategy for Any Organization

Looking to boost your leads or app signups? Whether you’re a B2B enterprise or a fast-growing SaaS company, we leverage data-driven paid advertising & content driven SEO to help you grow your business.  We can start small and scale up once we’ve proven results or also analyze a larger digital program to find missed opportunities and hidden inefficiencies.  We’ll test, optimize, and scale performance at record speed.

Every company, large or small, has specific areas for improvement, overhaul, or optimization. From igniting lead generation to drawing more users to download your app, we create data-driven content in the form of paid advertising, SEO, and social media to scale your business quickly. By starting within Seattle’s city limits and scaling outwards into neighboring cities, across the state of Washington, and finally nationally or globally, we test, optimize, and perform at record speed.

A Seattle Digital Marketing Agency That Creates Intent

Whether your product has historical presence in the market, or you are generating awareness for the next big release, we can help you to better understand your audience at the most granular level. By testing your creative content across Ballard, West Seattle, and Lake City, we push data-driven solutions forward that are founded on innovation and creativity.

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