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From the Pearl District to Pleasant Valley, we scale efforts for companies across Portland

Natives to this PNW gem know how special Portland is and, as of late, a wealth of companies have been let in on the secret. From your smallest SaaS start-ups to major Fortune 500 companies, businesses are laying down roots in PDX for its growing popularity, booming industry, and favorable climates. As these companies are moving in and establishing a presence, it is easy to cast digital marketing efforts aside in favor of other opportunities. At TOP, we employ a team that spans digital marketing disciplines from SEO to social, paid search to data analysis, and automation to analytics. We will take your current strategy and turn it on its head  to uncover the gaps, fill in the holes, and create an integrated marketing plan to kickstart or optimize your online efforts.

Regardless if your objective is to convert customers, create brand awareness, or drive traffic, TOP’s digital marketing team will leverage both paid and organic efforts to surpass relevant KPIs across all channels:

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Pay-per-click (PPC) ads
  • Amazon store optimization
  • Conversion rate optimization (CRO)
  • Website design and development
  • Social media marketing

To every challenge, there is a solution. We will achieve lead generation, market share, brand awareness, and revenue growth through thoughtful collaboration and unparalleled creation of content. When you work with TOP, you work towards growth.

We're digital marketing (and craft beer) experts

We keep up with all of the platforms, best practices, and algorithm updates to always be a step ahead. In that same vein, we could point you to a microbrewery in any neighborhood of Portland.

We're obsessed with data like we're obsessed with cart food

Everyone at TOP knows the ins and outs of our metrics, regardless of whether they're an analyst, a creative, or a copywriter. Everyone at TOP also knows that cart food is better than any restaurant.

We think cross-channel

Every platform serves a purpose that is unique and relevant to your larger digital strategy. No two efforts will look alike... sort of like how no two beards in Portland look alike.

We put our scientists caps on

We follow the scientific process to form hypotheses, run tests, and draw conclusions based off of our findings. We have a little fun with it, though -- that's what living in PDX is all about.

Bringing global digital strategy to local Portland businesses

We love our PDX clients

Though the digital marketing landscape is shifting by the minute, there is a reality across any vertical and any organization that the share of the market goes to those who act swiftly and intelligently. When you see an opportunity or an ownable corner of the market, it is imperative that you delegate energy to it.

You do not have to spend top dollar to achieve the same ROI or better than your competitors. Our approach leverages data to unearth and take advantage of opportunities we find in advance. By carving out a unique positioning for your brand, we highlight you in the best way possible for your audience to notice you and take action.

In our initial research, we’ll do a deep dive into your existing data and current position in the market. We will determine who your core audience is, different methods for reaching them, and activate channels that you had previously neglected.

Our team may be split between vans of Voodoo Doughnuts and Blue Star, but we can all come together and agree on wanting to provide the best possible experience for our Portland clients. We pair global vision with local expertise to create campaigns that transcend Portland, Bend, and Eugene, but achieve reach across the world.

Why Hire a Portland Digital Marketing Agency?

We may not have a traditional “Summer”, and we refer to the beach as the coast — which certainly trips some people up — but we have traditional foie gras on our menus and a knack for being ahead of the game in digital marketing efforts for our neighboring companies. Our digital services are for businesses that are looking for a marketing partner. We collaborate with businesses to create and execute complex, holistic marketing strategies that cover multiple strategies and platforms.

Digital Marketing for Organizations at All Stages

Regardless of the size of your company, we provide a totally comprehensive strategy that gives you the power of a business 10 times your size. We employ specialized tactics to improve customer acquisition and retention through paid search and social, SEO and email optimization. In all sense of the practice, we are growth marketers.

TOP Knows Portland, and Portland Knows its People

Together, we will figure out what makes your audience tick, the best opportunities for reaching them, and ways to position yourself that stands out from the competition. From Hillside to Hillsdale and everywhere in between, companies who partner with TOP can guarantee an entire transformation of their current strategy when we unlock the potential your data holds.

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