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Austin is rapidly becoming a tech focused city. The influence of SXSW and some of the country’s biggest tech companies is helping Austin really earn the Silicon Hills moniker. But living in a tech-focused city, it can be easy to overlook how digital marketing needs to convince a human, not a machine, to fulfill that CTA.  TOP’s team team of digital marketers, media buyers, keyword optimizers, targeting experts, and data analysts execute major data-driven marketing strategies that keeps the customer and their journey top of mind (see what we did there?).

We offer a digital marketing suite that will move the needle in the following disciplines in Austin — from detailed persona development that targets prospects and converts them to buyers to a full suite of targeted content marketing, organic traffic acquisition, efficient paid search, and programmatic media buying. We can bring all this and beyond to our Austin clients:

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Pay-per-click (PPC) ads
  • Amazon store optimization
  • Conversion rate optimization (CRO)
  • Website design and development
  • Social media marketing

We’ll establish connections in every stage of the customer journey across all channels at once, leveraging key opportunities for brands to engage their audience. Whatever your needs, our capabilities are up to the task. Need to connect your online marketing to offline results? Our advanced tracking capabilities and partnerships will get it done. The result is digital media planning integrated in ways other Austin agencies can’t produce with an integrated marketing program that delivers a seamless brand experience through the power of targeted content.

We have Austin expertise

Austin brands set the tone for the rest of the country and we've worked on thousands of campaigns that move the needle for our clients in a way that companies outside of Austin emulate. 

We live in Austin-based data

Data will give you the answers but only if you ask the right questions. Austin companies marry the insights of data with the artistry of experience and everyone on our team from analysts to copywriters love numbers and are adept at asking the right questions to get the most out of our data. 

We look at the whole picture

No channel is off limits when it comes to creating the perfect digital marketing program for your brand. we combine every appropriate channel into a seamless and integrated program  optimized for its unique role in the marketing mix.

We work like growth marketers

We use a scientific method for digital marketing by creating a series of testable experiments with clear measures of success and iterating on those results. 

Our digital marketing HQ is in Austin

We love being part of the neighborhood

Digital marketing is an industry where recognizing and acting on opportunity is always the smart play and as big data and AI reshape the digital marketing field staying ahead of the trends keeps us poised to capitalize on those opportunities.

Every Austin company has their own unique needs. Say you need to compete with brands that can out-spend you by 10 to 1? Not to worry, our approach finds and utilizes digital opportunities overlooked by the competition and we leverage this white space to generate momentum without compromising the unique positioning for the premium brands that we serve.

Like you, we always expect to operate at lightning speed, which makes it easier to even fall prey to force-fitting a familiar solution onto a new problem. So, before we jump to solutions, let’s make sure we’re focused on the core digital marketing problem.

Based in the Austin area — yes, we have a few, rare, native Austinites on our staff — we have helped leading and emerging brands launch, scale, or grow in ways that outpace anyone else on the field. Quite simply, we’re also one of the best-performing digital advertising agencies in the world.

Why Hire an Austin Digital Marketing Agency?

Whether you just need help with a specific service or a trusted partner to architect an entire digital marketing ecosystem, we’re the local experts with national experience and global scale.  We’ve worked on B2C and B2B brand campaigns for Fortune 500 and multinational companies and the local places Austinites prize. As a company that values a good system, we create feedback loops to iterate better than anyone else, and we do it faster, and more strategic with every campaign we run, optimize, and test.

Targeted Digital Marketing From Startups to the Fortune 100

Whether you’re a B2B enterprise or a fast-growing SaaS company, we leverage data-driven paid advertising & content driven SEO to help you grow your business.  Most importantly, we tailor our work to your needs, not the other way around. So if you want to start small and scale up once we’ve proven results we can do that. Or perhaps you’re looking to analyze a larger digital program to find missed opportunities and hidden inefficiencies. We’ve got that covered too. From East Austin to Lake Travis, we’ll test, optimize, and scale performance at record speed.

An Austin Digital Marketing Agency That Understands Intent

Knowing the intent of your audience is one of the most important insights you can have as a company. We can help you better understand the intent of your target audience and test your creative with local Austin residents from South Congress and the East Side to Bee Cave and Menchaca (we’re still adjusting to the name change, too). The result is a data-driven approach with innovation and creativity, pushing for new and forward-thinking solutions with each project.

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