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Our crisis communications agency philosophy

A. We react fast

News travels fast—bad news even faster. In your time of need, TOP Agency is the fastest firm in providing crisis tocommunications; responding to negative brand mentions in real-time. But unlike other firms, we’re proactive as well as reactive. We flag problematic elements in your messaging before they cause issues.

B. We build alliances

We also understand that when critics are loud, your friends need to be even louder. That’s why we source key allies—folks whose voices matter in your space and will be willing to leap to your defense in the event of a messy public debate.

C. We think locally

Finally, we geo-target our messaging. The news may be broadcasted nationally, but it spreads locally—and the same headline can take two different forms in two different cities. We counteract bad press not just at a national scale, but also on a city by city, and even town by town basis, working with local influencers and journalists to tell your side of the story.

The TOP Agency crisis communications process

1. First, we listen

Before we jump into the media circus, we sit down with your top team and try to understand things from your point of view. How do you feel you’ve been covered unfairly? Has the press left out key details in the story? What external factors were at play?

2. Next, we act

Then we craft content that opposes negative coverage, without delegitimizing or minimizing it. We spread your side of the story where it matters most—e.g. the social media channels your customers hang out on—and then meticulously measure the impact of our efforts through press tracking and social listening.

3. Then, we fix

Finally, once your wildfire has been put out, we work with your top team to understand the root of the problem and hash out a set of concrete, actionable changes to ensure the crisis is not repeated.

San Francisco SOMA location

We’re located near SoMa—a couple blocks up from major tech companies like Uber and Twitter, and doors away from other scrappy start-ups. Big and small, all companies suffer growing pains. Luckily, TOP Agency is at hand to manage, minimize, and resolve your crises in record time.

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