Creating relevant content for every generation of the Hispanic community

To market to the Hispanic community go beyond just a Spanish translation and understand them on a cultural and generational level.

Our Subject Expertise

We have experience customizing content for every audience and knowing the exact channels to distribute that content in order to reach our target audiences.

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Customize content for a hispanic audience.

Reaching a hispanic audience means developing culturally relevant content, not just translating your existing content into Spanish. Showing your audience that you understand them on a cultural level with custom content delivers 4X the ROI over simple translations.

Appeal to the traditionalists too.

Traditionalists are usually older (and some younger) immigrants who don't speak fluent English. To market to this group, we use Spanish speaking TV, radio stations, and websites. Our marketing strategy will emphasize cultural values and traditions.

Don't lose focus on Millennials.

Millennials are usually second or third generation Hispanics who were born in the U.S. Like many second-generation ethnicities, they have adopted U.S. custom but still appreciate, respect, and enjoy their culture, language, and heritage. Appeal to them on both counts.

Optimize digital touch points.

It is critical to know how your audience is hearing your message, for instance, Hispanics are more likely than non-Hispanics to access the internet on their mobile devices. Prioritizing mobile-first content can help you reach this audience better than other mediums.

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