Baby Boomer Marketing

Going beyond yesterday's channels to reach digitally-savvy boomers

Because most baby boomers are now reachable on digital channels, we can help you develop an omni-channel approach to reach your audience at lower cost.

Our Subject Expertise

Our deep experience in search, social, email, and TV marketing will allow your brand to reach boomers at every point in the influence chain.

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Diversify your marketing channels.

Although the number one way to initiate a conversation with boomers may still be through television, the conversation can move to other mediums like search, social, and email.

Use intent-driven search.

Once you've gotten a boomer's attention they are more likely to search for your brand with clear markers of intent.  Search outperforms social in getting boomers to take action.

Engage over email.

Email marketing is particularly effective among baby boomers as they are more likely to use a laptop or tablet to conduct tasks like shopping, watching videos, or getting news.

Amplify with social media.

Just because they aren't using social as often as other demographics, social platforms like Facebook are still wildly influential and play a powerful role when combined with micro-targeting.

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