Creating brand loyalty through consumer experience. 

We can help you market your CPG by guiding and evaluating customers through their consumer decision journey.

Our substantial knowledge in CPG marketing can help you gain new and loyal consumers. 

We spread awareness

The first step to the consumer decision journey is to make sure consumers are aware of your brand. We raise awareness of your CPG by attaching them to a relatable story and pitching the story to journalists. 

We create consumer need

If a consumer can't envision themselves using the product, they won't purchase it. We create reason as to how, when, and why consumers will use your product in order for them to not only consider buying your brand's CPG, but to also actually pick it up and procure it.

We generate customer repetition

When a consumer repeats the experience of buying a product, the brand has achieved customer loyalty. We make sure the consumer has reason to repeat their actions and relive their experience with your CPG.

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