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Charlotte Branding Agency

Other Charlotte branding agencies slap together a logo and slogan and call it branding. At TOP Agency, we understand that branding is about story. That's why we always start by working with your top team to understand what makes your company unique, and what you hope to accomplish when. We've worked with hundreds of clients across dozens of industries — from multinational CPGs to scrappy tech start-ups — and have helped all build a rich, actionable brand strategy.  

Our design agency philosophy

At TOP Agency, we get it — nobody understands your company better than you do. That's why we don't do anything before we've first gathered from your top team a) who you are, and b) what you want to achieve. If a client struggles to define those two things (most do) we work with them at a strategic level, bringing our years of brand consulting to bear. Once we establish a clear story, we get to work on our "outside > in" branding process:
  1. Define landscape: First, we research your competitive landscape, figuring out what your competitors are doing well, and the mistakes they've made which we can avoid.
  2. Get feedback: Next, we deploy near instant consumer-feedback surveys, gathering at speed and scale the insights we'll use to drive strategy.
  3. Distill promises: Then, we define what promises you are making to your customers, and how best to deliver on them long-term.
  4. Spread the word: Finally, we create the name, narrative, and visual identity that will really bring your brand to life

Our visual creation process

We save that until we have a firm sense of your brand identity, and the goals you want to accomplish. Then, and only then, do we dive into building your new graphic identity.
  1. We brainstorm, source, and create images that capture your company's personality.
  2. We put down the colors, fonts, and iconography that best signal your brand's values.
  3. We engineer a logo that distills and communicates your identity at a glance.

Charlotte location

Charlotte is home to some truly all-American brands, from Bank of America to Dale Earnhardt, Inc. The city sets a high standard, and we at TOP Agency work hard to meet it for our clients. You can find us a stone's throw from the Charlotte Convention Center. Drop us a line if you're looking for an agency who can take your company's brand to the next level.  

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