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Let's find the white space in your branding strategy to reach everyone from Foggy Bottom to Cap South

In a city of leaders, TOP is a global branding agency that is a leader in growth.

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From Congress heights to Woodley Park, we are a global company with a local view.

The district is a city that nearly defines the word: competitive. It is home to some of the biggest companies in the world, the seat of the most powerul countries on Earth, and some of the fastest growing startups. When you’re mired in this landscape it’s easy to lose track of core strategies as you grow and evolve.  TOP’s team of elite brand strategists, market researchers, and data analysts have the know-how to make your next product launch, the most successful yet and turn heads in a town full of people who are not so easily impressed.  Come to us if you need consulting for one-off projects or a complete strategic overhaul of your market positioning, it doesn’t matter your needs, our analysts are skilled and ambitious professionals who are always thinking outside the beltway. We’ve got the drive of a Washington, D.C. startup with the strategic chops of a global agency that has been around the Mall a few times.

  • Full-service brand positioning and architecture
  • B2C and B2B brand strategy expertise
  • Dedicated Washington, D.C. brand strategists
  • Wide experience from Washington, D.C. startups to tech giants to fast-growing CPG

TOP takes you through a series of activities — performed in-person in Washington, D.C. or remotely in locations around the world — that help you define or redefine the KPIs of success to ensure maximum return and cement your market position in new and powerful ways.

Your brand is at the heart of our strategy so we will ask frank and critical questions like: Is your new product or technology truly novel? What will the market pay for it? What are they paying for it now? Could a tweak of your competitive dynamics pay back big in efficiency? How do you test your positioning and can we do it better, together? Are you really happy with your target market or is the world your Pearl Street oyster?

We’re realistic, pragmatic, visionaries striving to do independent analysis of  various issues affecting your business to ensure the viability and potential profitability of your products — locally, nationally, globally. Without the right strategy, tactics are meaningless. Let us help you get the whip count right to reach your goals so your strategy passes with unanimous consent. Your future self will thank you when you’re enjoying your epic growth.

We bring competitive Washington, D.C. intelligence

As an agency in The District, we present an executive summary with a recommended go-to-market brand strategy based on solid analytical evidence and our own strategic insights.

Facts in D.C. are a precious commodity, we have the data you need

We take the time to clearly understand your company's needs, the market you're working in, and the desires of the people you're selling to. We quantify these insights into workable strategies, tactics, and ultimately branding that moves the needle (even in a town where things seem stuck).

We rally the D.C. troops

Everyone involved in your brand needs understand the marching orders and work toward the goals we set together. We have strategies to ensure that no effort is wasted and every decision pays dividends.

We simplify at scale

A growing Washington, D.C. business brings growing complexity but we help realign both management and the front line to focus on what really counts.

Our strategic engine is in Washington, D.C.

From Vienna to Anacostia, We love our Washington, D.C. clients

Whether you start in Foggy Bottom and head over to the Art Museum of the Americas and the National Academy of Sciences — or start in Navy Ward and drive up through Capitol Riverfront, Penn Quarter, Mount Vernon Square, and Columbia Heights — we love the feeling of progress and the atmosphere of disruption. Technology has changed the playing field but like partisanship in Congress, some things never truly change. Your business is a complex machine, and like the levers of government, the right tools and resources need to be pulled at the right times to make sure that you’re meeting your goals every quarter.

The energy in D.C. is undeniable, and your company needs to tap into that. But consider the quality and form of that energy? The creation of positive energy around what your company is all about — that’s the focus that the best companies in Washington, D.C. possess — can move your company forward like never before.

Whatever the underlying brand strategy, always look at the prevailing attitudes, beliefs, and drivers of all the people working together to steer this ship across the Potomac. This includes everyone from your leadership team, to your management team, to your workers, and to your customers and prospects.

Why Hire a Washington, D.C. Branding Agency?

A Washington, D.C. brand strategy agency that also has a global perspective can help you think outside the beltway while still meeting the needs of your core D.C. denizens. Every project is launched with creative eyes to help you break through one of the country’s most saturated markets. From highly competitive and innovative technology and consumer goods companies to highly-regulated industries like pharmaceuticals and healthcare we understand what moves the movers and shakers, what boxes need to be checked, and how to get the right surrogates on board.  Brand strategy fuels focus.  And focus fuels growth. TOP fuels Washington, D.C. (almost) as well as Ben’s Chili Bowl.

Unconventional Branding Strategy For Washington, D.C. Leaders

No city in the country is quite like D.C. How could it be? We’re the seat of power with all the trappings and opportunities that come with it. We’re highly educated, driven, and accomplished. To stand out here we seek to drive value beyond conventional measures. Through bold positioning, creative naming, imaginative design, and insightful market research we bring a global perspective designed to stand out in a city full of stand outs.  To deliver on this promise, our team is a deliberately eclectic mix of management consultants, brand strategists, communication planners, service design experts, search and social strategists and digital consultants from D.C. and beyond. Like D.C., we pull from every corner of the country and the world to bring the best of the best to bear on your Washington, D.C. brand.

A Washington, D.C. Branding Agency That Does Primary Research

Washington is no stranger to research. There are more think tanks and advisory councils than you can shake a stick at. Though we’re not really sure why you would because primary research is more than just necessary, its competitive advantage. We field primary quantitative and qualitative research — through a series of work sessions to supplement gaps in knowledge and give us a clear view of our audience’s thoughts, feelings and behaviors. This way, we fully understand what our audience needs, what they say they need, and what they truly need. It is a holistic approach to data that helps shape the core insights fueling breakthrough creative work.  We conduct stakeholder interviews throughout the District and immersive business planning to gain an in-depth view of the brand, emerging with a firm grasp of the company’s unique value-creating characteristics. From, this we develop a data-informed, diagnostic ecosystem model to help measure the brand’s current and potential in-market performance across all channels.

Come for a visit. Let’s jump on the phone. Get to know TOP and all that we can do for your brand. We’re ready to launch or relaunch a few more great Washington, D.C. companies at scale.

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