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Recently named the best economy in the country, Seattle’s boom has been decades in the making. With more companies laying down roots in the Evergreen State than ever, it is not uncommon for strategy to fall to the wayside when other business priorities arise. At TOP, we employ our team of brand strategists, data analysts, market researchers, and creative geniuses to create design that inspires, branding that resonates, and messaging that sticks. From consulting for single projects or areas of marketing to entire strategic overhauls of your brand, our team of local experts bring a global perspective to your efforts within greater Seattle and beyond.

  • Full-service brand positioning and architecture
  • B2C and B2B brand strategy expertise
  • Dedicated Seattle brand strategists
  • Wide experience from Seattle startups to tech giants to fast-growing CPG

In order to maximize peak effectiveness, TOP will take your team through a series of activities to improve or redefine your KPI’s, which will define new metrics and measurements of success. Be it in-person at your Seattle office or remotely in locations around the world, TOP aims to ask the questions that will make you reconsider your current position in the market: What marketing efforts have or have not worked in the past? What makes your product significant from others in the space? Can you test the same positioning in Seattle as well as Olympia, Tacoma, or Spokane, or do you need to differentiate your messaging?

In order to craft the most comprehensive strategy tailored to your brand’s strengths, areas for improvement, and opportunities for profit at the local, national, and global levels, we will conduct an analysis of both the current and future states of your business. Let us do the heavy lifting so you can direct your efforts to other pressing matters and room for growth without wasting time, money, or resources.

We are intelligently competitive

Seattle natives are known for bringing the competition. Seahawks fans did not make it into the Guinness Book of World Records for having the loudest crowd noise at a football game in history for nothing! We bring this same gusto to creating a solidly analytical and insightfully strategic go-to-market plan for your brand.

We dive into the data (like we dive into cups of coffee)

We base our strategy on facts gathered from extensive data research and analysis rather than intuition -- and it is a fact that Seattle has the best coffee in the country.

We get your team on the same page

When you marry business strategy with brand strategy, something amazing happens. Almost as amazing as when the sun finally comes out after endless rain.

We make things easier, quicker

By bringing management and the front line into the fold on newfound efforts, we will help realign the team on action items of focus.

Our strategic engine is in Seattle

We love our Seattle clients

From Pike Pine to Pike Place and all of the surrounding neighborhoods that make up the heartbeat of Seattle, the air of innovation and disruption hang over this city and its many progressive companies. Location aside, though, businesses in Seattle fall victim to similar slumps in strategy when trying to manage the people and processes that are at the core of any company.

We mean it when we say we get your team on the same page. By assessing the pervasive attitudes and ambitions of everyone who plays a role at your company, regardless of their location, we can determine the underlying reasons of why your strategy is not yet as fruitful as it has the potential to be.

When you rally your troops around new perspectives and possibilities to create positive energy, you create focus. Strategy fuels focus, while focus fuels growth. We will ensure that the energy needed to move your company forward in ways it never has before comes from the team on the ground and the work they are creating.

Why Hire a Seattle Branding Strategy Agency?

While the industry in Seattle is dominated by clean tech, startups, and aerospace, players both in and out of key verticals have the opportunity for brand differentiation. A fresh set of creative eyes can ensure that every product launch meets its specific goals, achieve audience approval, and increase recognition. We turn change into opportunity and opportunity into success.

Seattle Leads Economy and Innovation

We seek to drive value beyond conventional measures. As a global branding firm deeply rooted in multiple industries, we’ve helped clients in virtually every industry vertical capture marketplace opportunities and establish sustained differentiation through bold positioning, creative naming, imaginative design, and insightful market research.  To deliver on this promise, our team is a deliberately eclectic mix of management consultants, brand strategists, communication planners, service design experts, search and social strategists and digital consultants from Seattle and other key centers of excellence.  We love making companies a category of one.

Place your company in a league of its own. When you partner with TOP, a leading branding firm with a habit for creating unconventional work across verticals and industries, your brand receives refreshed positioning, updated creative, and thoughtful research done around your position in the market. In order to achieve this, our team is comprised of experts across the many disciplines of marketing, including brand strategists, project managements, social consultants, design experts, and communication specialists both located in Seattle and available from remote locations across the world.

A Branding Agency With Full-Service Capability

We execute primary research, both quantitative and qualitative, by engaging in a series of work sessions with your Seattle-based team or at teams located in your global offices. The objective of these sessions boil down to one thing: to help brands build relationships of worth, to understand customers more deeply, engage them more meaningfully, and influence the way they work, live, and play. This initial research, which will include a series of stakeholder interviews and business insights, will help inform a cohesive model to create a breadth of creative work and a channel strategy to reach the most viable audience.

There is no lack of coffee here in Seattle, so let’s meet for a cup. Let’s get on the phone, or sync via email. Get to know the team at TOP and how together, we can create something really special for brand.

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