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A branding firm that breaks away from the norm

We take San Diego brand strategy and bring it to a global scale, from the culture of Barrio Logan to the greenery of Torrey Pines

San Diego businesses have the advantage of being right in the middle of a bustling hub of excitement, marketing, and growth — however, being immersed in the fast-paced flow can make it easy to lose track of your core strategies as your own company grows and evolves. Our job at TOP is to make sure your next product launch is a success with the help of our team of brand strategists, market researchers, and data analysts — in the city of San Diego, upwards along the coast, and world wide. Whether you need a brand strategist to consult the process of a one-off project or would like a helping hand for a complete strategic overhaul of your market positioning, our analysts know how to reevaluate the association of company brands and offerings to create an authentic market position. We have the energy and drive of a San Diego start up with the wisdom and intelligence of a global agency.

  • Full-service brand positioning and architecture
  • B2C and B2B brand strategy expertise
  • Dedicated San Diego brand strategists
  • Wide experience from San Diego startups to tech giants to fast-growing CPG

The core of TOP’s process guides your business through an array of activities — both occurring in person within San Diego or in remote locations worldwide — to help reassess and reevaluate your KPIs for greatest impact and lock in your positions in new and innovative ways. Does you new product or technology challenge creativity? What is the market willing to pay for it? Is there a more cost effective approach? How can you do more for less? How does your product hold in San Diego — Sunset Cliffs, Point Loma, and North Park? Is your product ready to launch nationally or even globally, possibly ahead of schedule?

We have the insight to help you see through an independent and realistic analysis of any problems affecting your business to guarantee the achievability and profitability of our products in the local, national, and global competitive market. The longer you spend implementing programs without the right strategies, the more valuable time, money, and resources you waste that could be contributing towards your brand’s growth.

We know a thing or two about the San Diego competitive spirit

The market is no place for the passive. Luckily we're from San Diego, so we're pretty experienced when it comes to working harder to get ahead. We're able to put forth an executive summary with a recommended go-to-market brand strategy set in solid analytical evidence and strategic insight. 

Data is our San Diego zen

Some folks like to do yoga, we like to analyze data in order to gain understanding of your market and make sure everyone within your ranks also has a realistic perspective based on facts rather than intuition.

We listen to the San Diego locals

The San Diego way is knowing your mind and your heart is on the same page in order to maintain happiness. We make sure your product maintains its happiness within the marketplace by keeping your business strategy on the same page as your brand strategy.

We take a page from San Diego minimalists 

The more a business grows, the more complicated it becomes to remember the original core values and intent of your brand. We help focus on what really matters so you can focus on continuing to grow. 

Our oiled machine operates in San Diego 

San Diego is home to our favorite clients

Year round sunshine — except maybe in the summer — beautiful beaches, and delicious food, San Diego is truly the most beautiful place in America. Whether you’re admiring the art in Barrio Logan, taking in the view with a plate of seafood in Point Loma, or finishing off a cocktail in Little Italy, the beauty and movement that drives San Diego is what drives us at TOP. But even as businesses continue to grow and evolve, there are some things that must always stay the same: your business is a complicated and detailed engine utilizing talents and generating profits, but it’s an engine that can go down the wrong path if it’s not maintained.

No matter the developing reasons for the need to pinpoint the role your brand operates, it’s helpful to take a moment and appreciate the varying minds, beliefs, and actions of all the people working towards the success of your company, whether they’re located in your San Diego headquarters or in one of your many regional offices. That means everyone, from your leadership team, to management, to specialists and workers, to your current and prospective customers.

Think about all of the energy that it takes to make such a complex business to continue running. Now think about the energy being used at this very moment to keep the business functioning down to the second. This positive energy and drive is the basis that your company was founded on and thrives on — it’s what all of the best San Diego companies possess — and it can propel your company forward like never before.

Consider Hiring a Local San Diego Branding Agency

Hiring a branding agency located in San Diego means we’re available in the flesh to provide hands on assistance and fresh creative eyes to crack through into the overloaded markets like tech and consumer goods, or gain favor in highly-regulated industries like pharmaceuticals and healthcare. Brand individualization begins as soon as we design the process that works best for your business’s specific needs. What hurdles stand in your company’s way? Where are the potential opportunities for your product to break into the competitive landscape? Brand strategy leads to focus and focus leads to growth.

Innovative Branding Strategy For Innovative San Diego Leaders

We find all other avenues, rather than solely conventional, to drive value. As an international firm with a hand in various industries, we’ve been able to assist clients in basically every industry’s marketplace and establish individualization though solid positioning, name creativity, imaginative design, and insightful market research. In order to back up this promise, our team is a mixed bag of management consultants, brand strategists, communication planners, service design experts, and digital consultants from San Diego and other main hubs of booming business. Let us put your brand in a category of its own.

A San Diego Branding Agency That Frontlines Research

We make sure to put both qualitative and quantitative research first — through a succession of sessions in your San Diego office or other locations world wide — in order to fill in the gaps of knowledge and give us a clear perspective of our audience’s psyche, actions, and emotion. Getting a complete understanding of what our audiences say and how they behave helps us to shape the core insight that will fuel creative work. We use San Diego shareholder interviews and immersive business planning, enabling us to have a firm grasp on the company’s authentic value-creating characteristics. From here, we’re able to develop a data-informed strategy to help measure the brand’s current and future in-market performance across all avenues.

Come visit us or give us a call! Come see all that TOP can offer you and your brand. We’re excited to launch and relaunch a few more great San Diego companies to success.

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