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We ensure your core brand strategies are illuminated and enhanced in order to increase your brand's viability and profitability within the marketplace.

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From The Valley to Downtown, we take Los Angeles brand strategy and expand it to a world wide scale.

It’s no secret that Los Angeles is home to some of the biggest and fastest growing companies in the world — and being immersed in that market can make it difficult to keep a grasp on your companies core strategies as your business grows and evolves. TOP has a full team of brand strategists, data analysts, and market researchers who work hard to help your business stick to the essence of your brand’s representation to ensure a successful product launch in Los Angeles, The Valley, and beyond. Our analysts are experts in brand strategy consultation, whether it be for a single project or an entire strategic overhaul of your marketing approach. We work with the hunger of a Los Angeles startup while maintaining the knowledge of a well developed and experienced brand strategy agency.

  • Full-service brand positioning and architecture
  • B2C and B2B brand strategy expertise
  • Dedicated Los Angeles brand strategists
  • Wide experience from Los Angeles startups to tech giants to fast-growing CPG

The basis of our strategic process involves a series of activities TOP performs either in person for companies based in Los Angeles or remotely for locations located outside LA. Through these activities, we rework your KPI’s so your goals work towards desired profit for maximum effectiveness while stabilizing your brand’s values in new, innovative ways. Questions we consider are: Is your new product or technology truly innovative? What will the market pay for it (possibly more than you think)? What would be a more cost-efficient way to make waves and change competitive dynamics? How does your strategy stand in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Northridge, and Studio City? Are you ready to jump to a national or global scale now or should you keep it local?

At TOP, we help administer a full-fledged and realistic analysis of all possible concerns affecting your business in order to enhance your product’s potential profitability in LA, the United States, and all over the world. The longer you spend valuable time executing tactics without the correct strategy, the more time, money, and resources go to waste that could have been redirected to your brand’s growth.

A Los Angeles go-getter mentality with the smarts to back it up

No one hustles like someone who works in LA. We're on the go and giving our all to every single project we get involved with, and that's exactly what TOP will do for you. We dig deep into our solid analytical evidence and strategic insights in order to propose an executive summary with a recommended go-to-market brand strategy.

We submerge ourselves in data as if it were the La Brea tar pits

There wouldn't be a Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles if they weren't masters of their market! We make sure that we clearly understand your market so that your entire team has a realistic perspective based on facts instead of intuition.

We call in the verdict from Los Angeles herself 

If there's anything Angelinos stand by, it's being "on brand." Through intensive market research we evaluate the public perspective in order to make sure your business strategy goes hand-in-hand with your brand strategy.

We keep an eye on what really matters

More success usually results in more complexity, which can cloud the original intent of a product. TOP makes sure you keep the LA mentality in your strategy by scaling down and focusing on the important core details.

Our operation thrives in Los Angeles

In constant appreciation of our Los Angeles clients

Los Angeles is sandwiched in a world of marketing and advertising, tech and finance, and product branding. Whether you start in The Valley and take a 15 to 30 minute drive to the pier through the Topanga Mountains, or travel Downtown to grab a bite to eat at the hectic Grand Central Market, you’ll think about how there’s no other place that feels so simultaneously on the go while maintaining an essence of self-care. And as the world of marketing constantly evolves to fit the needs and wants of the generations entering the age of consumption, the one thing that should remain the same is your business’s ability to generate profit — but sometimes keeping up a continuous flow of profit while growing as a business can lead your company down the wrong path.

No matter the issue regarding your brand’s need to recalibrate it’s focus to get back on track, we recommend acknowledging all of the prevailing beliefs, attitudes, and drivers of all the individuals related to the success of your company whether they’re local to your Los Angeles headquarters or operating from a regional location. This includes everyone from C-suite executives, your leadership team, management, specialists, workers, customers, and prospective buyers.

Make sure you take time to consider how much energy it takes from every individual cog to ensure the workability of your machine. Think about all the work going in to keep your business going at this very second, every small detail that you’ll never see that leads to the final result. That hard work, creativity, and positivity is what your company is all about — that’s the drive Los Angeles companies possess — and it can push your company forward in speeds practically unheard of.

Need Another Reason to Hire a Los Angeles Branding Agency?

A brand strategy agency located in Los Angeles can be directly involved in every project launch and can approach it with fresh eyes to break through highly saturated markets like tech and consumer goods, or gain approval in highly regulated industries like pharmaceuticals and healthcare. Making your brand stand out begins the moment we design the course that works best for your brand’s needs. What hurdles are in your way? Where can you identify potential opportunities for your brand or company within a competitive landscape? Brand strategy ensures direction, and direction ensures growth.

A Branding Strategy made for innovative Los Angeles Leaders

It’s our goal to bring value to more than just conventional measures. TOP is a global branding firm with a hand in multiple industries — we’ve been able to help clients in basically every industry vertical capture marketplace possibilities and initiated sustained variability through firm placement, name creativity, imagination-driven design, and in-depth market research. We guarantee delivery with our diverse team of management consultants, brand strategists, communication planners, service design experts, search and social strategists, and digital consultants from Los Angeles and other main hubs of success. Let us make your company a category of its own.

A Los Angeles Branding Agency Prepared From The Beginning

We come in fully prepared and thoroughly researched — through a series of sessions in Los Angeles, your headquarters, and other offices around the world — to fill in holes in knowledge and provide ourselves a clear insight of our buyer’s thoughts, behaviors, and feelings. This all-around understanding of the consumer’s conversation and action directly shapes the core discernment that will power breakthrough creative work. We utilize Los Angeles associate interviews and concentrated business planning to allow a detailed view of the brand, coming out with a tight grasp of the company’s specific valuable characteristics. From here, we create a data-informed assessment model to enable us to measure the brand’s potential in-market performance across all channels.

Come visit us, call us, or send an email! Get to know us at TOP and all that we can provide your brand. We’re ready to launch or relaunch a few more great Los Angeles companies at scale.

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