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Home to blues, BBQ, and the incredible KC Public Library, greater Kansas City houses some of the quickest growing companies in the world. A bustling arts and food scene has laid the foundation for more businesses to create one of the country’s most competitive markets. Despite being ripe with innovation and hungry for growth scaled at record pace, many of these companies lose track of core strategies as they evolve. At TOP, we employ highly capable data analysts, growth hackers, and brand strategists to conduct thorough market research, ensuring the success of your next campaign, be it in Kansas City, Topeka, Omaha, and beyond. From single projects to entire strategic overhauls of your current market positioning, our team is equipped to rethink, reshape, and rewrite your existing narrative, creating a truly unique place in your market. In a city that prides itself on creativity, TOP weaves local Kansas City passion into their award-winning strategy executions that, time and time again, creates unforeseen opportunities for our clients.

  • Full-service brand positioning and architecture
  • B2C and B2B brand strategy expertise across KC’s industry
  • Dedicated Kansas City brand strategists
  • Wide experience from Kansas City startups to tech giants to fast-growing CPG

Whether you need a robust marketing program, a hyper-targeted campaign, or a redesigned website that converts searches into traffic, traffic into leads, and leads into sales, our strategic process begins with a deep understanding of your business. A series of activities, performed in-person in Kansas City or remotely, will allow TOP to tailor our services around your brand or product’s specific goals. By redefining metrics for maximum effectiveness and repackaging your current processes in new and powerful ways, we can test your positioning in Kansas City, Topeka, Omaha, and Des Moines, or scale regionally, nationally, and globally faster than you thought possible.

As a strategic partner, we will help you conduct an analysis of your current positioning, the competitive landscape, and potential for activation within Kansas City and beyond. Stop executing without the proper strategy in place – ultimately, you will save time, money, and resources that can be redirected to larger business efforts.

We bring competitive intelligence

Ultimately, we present an executive summary with a recommended go-to-market brand strategy based on solid analytical evidence and our own strategic insights.

We dive into the data

It’s imperative that we clearly understand your market so that everyone within your own ranks also has a realistic point of view, based on facts rather than intuition.

We rally the troops

We help you get your business strategy on the same pages as your brand strategy.

We simplify at scale

A growing business brings growing complexity but we help realign both management and the front line to focus on what really counts.

Our strategic engine is in Kansas City

We love our Kansas City clients

Kansas City has long been beloved by those who live there, but newcomers and visitors alike find themselves enchanted by all that the city now has to offer. From the culture-filled Crossroads to the revitalized River Market (which hosts the Midwest’s largest farmer’s market), the air of progress is tangible in Kansas City, a city that is on the brink of economic explosion. As new tech and innovation from all industries begin to settle in, one thing remains true: A company at any stage is volatile and vulnerable to the shifting of courses, goals, and strategies. By leveraging the people at the ground level who help your business operate in a day-to-day basis, you can efficiently implement strategies, amplify growth, and ultimately drive meaningful profit.

By integrating our team with yours, your organization will see accelerated growth and get ahead of the competition. This is not the typical agency-client relationship; everyone from your leadership and management teams to your workers and part-time staffers, whether they are located in your Kansas City headquarters on in one of your regional offices, will play an integral role in breathing this new direction into existence.

Beyond carving out a robust brand strategy that can be activated at any touchpoint of your funnel, we will build an effective implementation roadmap to train every member of your team on new processes, strategies, and efficiencies.

Why Hire a Kansas City Branding Agency?

Sure, you could hire a branding agency from anywhere, but only a Kansas City-based firm knows the quirks and charm of the town we call home. From exploring Leila’s Hair Museum to checking out the latest music scene at recordBar (if you feel like working your way through that crowd), we know KC because we live, work, and play here. Despite knowing the ins and outs of our town, we bring a global perspective to every campaign, every company, and every client.

An Agency For Kansas City Leaders Who Want to Flip the Script

Many brands know how to make a great impression on the local scale but struggle to break through the noise globally, or vice versa. By identifying niche opportunities within your market, creating a meaningful distinction amongst players in your space, and building a unique brand around this strategy, we will help you drive impact within Kansas City and beyond. In order to accomplish this, our team employs specialists across marketing disciplines to ensure the perfect mix of those who strategize, those who execute, and those who optimize.

A Kansas City Branding Agency That Does Primary Research

The Kansas City audience is unique to anywhere else in the country — really, the entire world. They love the Royals and the Chiefs, they are loyal to their gas station BBQ joints, and they require a certain level of understanding in order to earn consumer trust and increase your brand’s credibility. By conducting quantitative research that will allow us to draw conclusions based on factual data and qualitative research to draw strategic insights and conclusions from, we will provide a crystal-clear outlook on your current position in the market and how your audience perceives you. We will use our findings to conduct interviews and produce a comprehensive plan, fostering a diagnostic ecosystem that will allow us to consistently optimize on strategy. A solid brand strategy is market agnostic, but we sure do love working with Kansas City-based customers


Meet TOP and the team that can light up your brand. We will take you to our favorite music spots, grab some BBQ, and launch a few more great Kansas City companies at scale.

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